VCU Admission Notifications Started c/o 2025

Daughter just received her official VCU acceptance today! She applied EA in October. Check your inboxes!

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How was your daughter notified? Email, snail mail or did she just check the portal?

She was notified via email.

Hi! I’ve currently been in the waiting process to hear back, and extremely impatient to see haha! Around when in October did she submit and to what department? Also, congratulations!

Applied on Oct 26 and received email acceptance on Nov 18.

Thx! Applied mid October

My D got accepted EA as well! Applied late October, acceptance came November 20th.

My son had an exchange with admissions today and they have put his application in the queue to be processed tomorrow. So perhaps there are a batch of decisions on the way.

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Good luck! When did he submit his application?.. Wondering what the turnaround time is if it wasn’t submitted by the Nov 1 date.

Thanks! He applied right at the EA deadline (11/15). He still hasn’t heard, but should be any day.

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Is there anyone who applied by 11/15 and still has not received a decision?

I’ve applied in late September and sent in all my materials in early October and I still haven’t heard back.

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There hasn’t been a change on mine and I applied before 11/15

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Same here

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Good to know! My son has a friend who heard on Friday and he applied early November. Should be soon?

DD applied in Oct and hasn’t heard yet. I believe the website just says it’s rolling and will notify before April though. While I think my DD will get in, she’s got a 3.4 so my guess is they don’t automatically accept when it’s not a high GPA. Just my thought and have no real basis for it.

That said, DD has decided she’s more interested in going to a small school so we aren’t really following VCU now. Would be nice to get an answer though.

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My DD applied November 1 (Biology) and got her acceptance on 1/14. :yellow_heart::black_heart:


D applied 10.31 and received her acceptance 12.10. She received an email with the acceptance and the portal took days after to update.

Applied 10/12/2020, materials sent 11/1/2020. Accepted 1/20/2021. I’m In state bio/pre-med. Good luck to everyone else!

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Does anyone know when decisions come out for 1/15 deadline submissions? Are they rolling or all come out on a set date?