VCU Class of 2025

There is no VCU class of 2025 thread yet so figured I’d start one. Daughter is in at VCU Arts and just received merit for $12,000 (OOS). This seems to be the norm for OOS. Anyone in and considering attending?

Actually there is one called VCU Admission Notifications Started c/o 2025 (search under VCU) which had some early posts in the fall and winter but not much activity lately. I would check that one out rather than starting a new forum. Some people go there for information without posting, and they’ll see your post if you repeat the one you just put on this new thread.

Thanks I can delete. Didn’t find that other one helpful or up-to-date
Does an admin need to delete this? Doesn’t look like I can … sorry!

Wouldn’t worry about deleting, maybe you will get some other hits. Generally, to get someone’s attention, either hit “reply” or tag them with an @ symbol, and they should get an email. Sorry if you knew that already! (For the record, I was coming to the VCU threads early on, which is why your message popped up in my suggested topics, but my S21 is likely not enrolling there.)

Closing for the above reason.