VCU has begun acceptance notifications.

Check your inbox.

When did you submit? Does the email have the decision, or did you have to log on to the application portal?

one daughter got acceptance other one still waiting…letter didnt mention merit does that come separate

D received her acceptance in the mail yesterday. Very happy and relieved!

Any stats for acceptances?

VCU is my #1 and I applied Nov. 11th and I still have not heard anything back, i´m getting nervous :-S

D accepted. 3.75, 1250

I saw that VCU notifies by snail-mail and not via email or through their portal. My son applied RD on 11/1. We have not heard anything yet.

I heard some people are hearing via email but VCU says they send decisions snail mail. Any idea why some people are notified via email?

So i it says my application was recieved on 11/25 when do you think or how many weeks does it take to hear back?

It says my application was received on 11/25 and I was wondering when do you think I’ll hear back?

I sent in my application for VCUarts on 11/13 and heard back via mail on 12/8, and via email on 12/13. The snail mail was solely from VCUarts while the email was from the uni in general. The email was also what mentioned my merit scholarship, while the mail did not.

Does anyone know if applying to the Honors College extends the time that it takes for a notification?

D submitted application Nov.14.
Received general acceptance letter via snail mail today, Dec14.
Also applied to Honors College and GA.
I believe Honors College will send their decision sometimes in Jan and GA after that.

All we got was a happy holidays card from the college of engineering lol

Son applied last week of October, yesterday he received an email saying his SSN was missing. He sent it in, they sent confirmation email. Now we wait. It’s his number 1.

Daughter received an email today advising of her acceptance to the College of Engineering and saying she qualified for merit scholarship. Details of the merit scholarship will be mailed early spring.

When does she applied?

She applied October 17th. She has friends who applied after her and got notified a month ago. She ended up calling a few weeks ago and was told that even though VCU has “rolling admissions”, if you applied for the Honors College, the notifications would be made toward the end of December and they would all be done at the same time.

Thanks for replying to me.
I applied at October 23rd and I didn’t get any email or letter.