Vermont Academy

Seeking info. Good school?

Talk to some current parents. I’ve heard one that was unhappy with current admin, but that could be a complete one off. We visited. I had mixed feelings. Definitely the best food though.

I was awhile ago, so the memories aren’t fresh, but what stood out to me was when we were touring we were sitting in the art room and for some reason we got there before other visitors. The art teacher was meeting privately with a student beause her class didn’t fit into the student’s schedule. She met with the student at a different time so that she could take the class 1:1 when they were both available. I felt like that probably wasn’t too uncommon there. The teachers seemed to really know the students.

We were interested in academic support and there wasn’t anyone there that could tell us the details we needed to hear about the program (which I found odd on an open house day) and we had schools that we liked better, so it kind of dropped from out list.

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Thank you. I’m the parent of an athlete, but I’m worried about academics being sacrificed for sports. Any vibe on that? Our current situation is a very good public school. Going to VA would be about the sport (hockey) almost entirely. So that makes me nervous.
Also, any input on the science programs?