Verto Education Review

I’m currently in my first semester in college, and I decided to attend Verto Education’s Buenos Aires program. I’ve been here a month and absolutely love it! This program seemed like a scam at first, so I was hesitant to apply, especially since the application process was very simple. Turns out, it’s legit and super cost effective. They give lots of financial aid and even provide college counselors if you don’t know what you want to do after your semester. I’m taking a Social Problems Class where we learn about issues in not only the United States, but Argentina as well, so we go on field trips once every two weeks. I’m also loving my History of Art classes and field trips. After learning how to navigate around a city I’ve never been to in a country whose native language isn’t English, I feel very confident that I can do literally anything, especially going to college in the US. Highly recommend :slight_smile:

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