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I got deferred from Early Action. My SAT is 1440, unweighted 4.0, weighted 5.65. I have a total of 8 AP classes, including AP Bio, AP Chem and AP Calculus. I’m in the top 10% for both weighted and unweighted. I am captain for a fall sport and part of NHS along with other clubs. Do I still have a chance to get in?

I honestly don’t know what they’re going off of…
EA Accepted
SAT: 1270
ACT: 28
AP Classes: 11
Class Vice President, Debate President, MSA President, MIST President, french club officer, mini thon head, model un, lots of community service
no sports, no honor societies, no musical instruments
race: south asian

@student2301 you have a great chance to gain admission in RD. Write to your admissions counselor; take your time and compose a good email that conveys your exceptional interest in VU and anything good that happened academically or EC in first semester senior year. Make sure your school sends your first semester transcript as soon as grades are available, but you can indicate your progress in your email. Don’t give up: you’re a really great candidate.

I was deferred, are their stats for how many students get in off deferral?

My son got deferred from EA too, with similar stats to the OP. I did a rough calculation of the math & the RD rate is likely to be very low based on what we know about the admission rates for ED & EA, and the likely yield (historically 25%), which means I think the chances of RD admission are about 6%.

Here’s the link to the data:

Here’s the rough math:

Villanova aims to have a freshman class of about 1700. If these numbers are true, it means that 25% acceptance rate of 13353 EA apps = 3378 admitted; typical yield is 25% = 845 will enroll.

If they admitted 36% of their class ED, that’s another 612 students (36% of 1700).

So, they’re up to 1457 projected enrollees after ED/EA.

They only want another 243 students to enroll, which means they only want to accept another 972 students or so. And 972 admittees out of the roughly 15500 RD applicants (7000 deferred from EA to RD, plus historically another 8500 RD apps) means an RD admission rate of 6%. These are the numbers we don’t know – how many RD apps will there be this year & how many deferred kids will withdraw. It’s also unknown if the 8500 RD applicants already includes the 7000 EA deferrals, but I doubt it. But, if so, that means that they want to accept 972/8500 = 11%. EA applicants could be slightly favored, too, as they have possibly demonstrated more interest.

when does RD come out?

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I think sometimes it has more to do with which college or major than just stats also - meaning Business major or engineering vs college of arts and sciences. Folks should share that as part of their stats for a better “read” on the situation? Just a suggestion - but don’t give up hope for RD!!! Great stats…

Decisions are out tomorrow, 3/18!

Decisions are out.

My son accepted to school of Nursing! :slight_smile:


1500 sat
3.95 gpa
tons of leadership, extra…etc
makes no sense


Just got the email and video! Got in to business school!1 Good luck everyone and see yall soon!

Rejected :frowning:

Daughter accepted into business school. 1410 SAT, 4.1 unweighted GPA, 4.8 weighted, NHS, captain winter sport, lots of volunteer.

4.4/4 GPA 1320 SAT, waitlisted


Accepted into business school! GPA around 3.76 UW, 33 superscore ACT, many regional awards, published author, background/activities are pretty much all research centered. Have some business/hospitality experience :slight_smile:

My son was accepted as a Civil Engineering major in the school of engineering. His first choice was mechanical engineering. Anyone have any idea if switching majors is possible? Thanks.