Didn’t see this posted anywhere so

Does anyone know if Villanova waitlisted more students than normal this year… because of expectation of more movement on the waitlist due to covid-19

Admissions will most likely not let that information out until they publish their Common Data Set info this fall, but one would think it will likely remain the same or possibly lower. Two years ago they offered up 6,321 wait list spots (47 admits), and last year that dropped to 5,553 (104 admits). Yes, given the current situation enrollment numbers are likely going to be more fluid than in years past, but even if Villanova needs to reach deeply into their wait list pool, there would still be literally thousands of applicants who never receive the call - so there probably isn’t a need to increase the size of the wait list to accommodate the circumstances.

I was waitlisted as a business finance major. Would love to hear any other info that anyone has! Best of luck to all!

Rochester has started accepting student off the waitlist, did anyone get in at nova?

Any waitlist updates?

Did everyone receive that email from Villanova asking to withdraw from the waitlist if not interested?

We received it



I received the email! And today I received a call telling me I am accepted from the wait-list! I am a Chinese international student applied for Financial Aid!

Has anyone else received an email and call.? If you dont mind sharing, what were you scores?

I got off of the waitlist today too I got a call today! I had a 4.7 weighted gpa and 1270 sat with 12 ap classes and a few dual enrollment classes!

Megan-- congrats – what major were you and where were you from

Thank you! My major is secondary education and I am from Delaware!

So you you guys think they are done using the waitlist?

Congrats to everyone who was accepted off the waitlist! Waiting anxiously to hear back from them regarding any more open spots.

people getting off on may 1st could be a good sign or a bad one. They will either heavily use it or not much at all.

What are some things you guys have done or trying to do to get off the waitlist

I sent a letter of interest and toured the campus last spring