Virginia Tech Class of 2025 Admissions discussion

@VTAdmissions - Can a student go in and update their SRAR with mid-year grades?

Hi there - we do not use mid-year grades in our process. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the quick response. It does help! Go Hokies!!

What GPA is needed to get into engineering?

@Ftttre I don’t think anyone can give an absolute answer for that, but it is very competitive and I believe they look at math and science grades (and rigor) in particular.

Yes- I agree. Taking Physics C and Calc BC senior year. 3.9 UW 4.6w
Play 2 varsity sports with lots of community service hours.

@VTAdmissions is there a way to submit supplemental materials such as writing sample or research abstract ?

@Ftttre Are you in-state? If so, which area? Also, are you submitting scores? You definitely have strong GPA and rigor based on what little you’ve told us. It is more competitive coming from more densely populated regions like NOVA, but I think you will be competitive. Good luck!

OOS- applying test optional. SAT/ACT cancelled many times here in CT.

No, we do not use those in our review process.

@VTAdmissions, if we complete an IB course in first semester, do you look at that grade and if you do, how do we send it to you?

We do not use mid-year grades in our process so no need to send it! Hope that helps.


It sure does! Thank you and go Hokies!!!

Perhaps now that the deadline has passed for early decision applicants to commit, we will see a jump in early action decisions!

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