Virginia Tech Class of 2025 — Decision Release Date: Mar 1-15

Deadlines are coming up! November 1 for ED and December 1 for EA. Keep in mind, VT fills most of its freshman class from these two groups.

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Did anyone who applied get their email invite to create their applicant portal?

@NJEngDad We are local and the area kids have the option to do ‘on-site admission.’ The deadline was 10/1 for that, and my senior still hasn’t gotten the follow up email to create the portal account. That’s odd compared to previous years, but I don’t know if it is an on-site thing or if they are slow sending those out in general this year. How long has your senior been waiting?

My son applied at the end of August and still hasn’t received it. He followed up with the admissions office twice. The last time they told him mid-October. So when I saw your post, I thought I’d check to see if others had received it.

@NJEngDad That’s strange. This is my third student to apply and in previous years the email came in a timely fashion. Which app did yours use? I’m wondering if things are wonky due to the addition of the common app this year. It would be nice if they would let the application process settle down a little bit, but there have been big changes each year since 2017.

Coalition. It appears as if they haven’t rolled out the portal to any students, regardless of when or how you applied. This is my second son applying and, while I love the school overall, their application process leaves something to be desired. Especially for a “tech” school.

Hi all - portal emails will begin to be distributed tomorrow. We have a brand new portal experience and have moved away from the Guest Account used in previous years. Please let us know if you have further questions.

@VTAdmissions Thanks for the info. Looking forward to seeing the new format.

Thank you for the update!

Looking forward to receiving the portal info. Thanks!

portal has been updated

@cbl1 Yep, received email yesterday. The portal is similar, but with a better visual layout.

Va Tech says it doesn’t use the Common App essay yet there is an option to submit anyway. What to do? Submit or don’t submit?

Please refer to the Use of Specific Information Statement on the Common App College information section:

While certain items may be required for other schools you apply to, Virginia Tech does not read or use the Common App Personal Essay as part of your application review. We also do not use the School Report, Final Report, or letters of recommendation in our process.

Thank you

This is going to be the longest wait ever. Will be on pins and needles until decision day. Out of the 6 my son applied too, VT is #1. We have dear family friends who are both alumni and for four years they have encouraged him to look at VT. He did a on his own visit with my husband this summer and really imagined himself there. We are in Florida and he has applied to only one Florida school and he does not love Florida. He is a nature- woods, rivers, mountain biking young adult so the area is a perfect fit for him.

@Pinkmama100 If he loves the outdoors he will love it here. Did he apply ED? I hope it all works out for him.

The ball is rolling… area students got their on-site admissions decisions today. Lots of new Hokies! Congrats to all.

Yes he applied for early

@Pinkmama100 I was asking about ED as opposed to EA. I’m guessing if it’s his top choice he applied ED, which will shorten the wait!