Virginia Tech Class of 2025 — Decision Release Date: Mar 1-15

Does Virginia Tech use your SRAR?

@tptptp This year VT is requiring the SRAR, I assume because they now accept both the Coalition App and the Common App and they want the grades in a standardized format.

@rbc2018 – Does this mean after submitting the Common App they will be directed to the SRAR? I don’t think my S has used it for any other college.

Tks for the help!

@AlmostThere2018 My senior went ahead and did it right after submitting the app, but I think if you don’t they will send an email to prompt it. Here’s a link to get started:

Hi there @AlmostThere2018 - once your student has access to their Applicant Portal, they can create and log in to their SRAR directly from there. Hope that helps!

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@VTAdmissions A number of applicants we know received an email yesterday that they needed to update their SRAR if they wanted their SAT/ACT scores reviewed. Then when they checked their SRAR, that option was already selected. Do you know if that was a system glitch? How can a student confirm that this portion of their SRAR is correct?

Same thing happened for my son.

@NJEngDad We noticed the same. I think it was a glitch.

Hi all! Apologies for any confusion there - please confirm on your SRAR that “Yes” is selected to share your scores. If “Yes” is selected, no further action is needed as we should then have access to your scores from SRAR. If “No” is selected, then we do not have access to your scores, even if they are on the SRAR. Hope that helps - we will be in touch if there is further information we need.

@VTAdmissions the confusion wasn’t with the instructions, but rather that applicants who received the email found that YES was already selected when they went into their SRAR to update it.

Thank you for the feedback and we apologize for any confusion.

When does VT typically start sending decisions? I saw an earlier post that in-state students started hearing already. Isn’t the timeframe for EA & out-of-state usually right about now?

Last year it was early March, if I’m remembering correctly. Not familiar with any early admits, but perhaps someone else is.

@AlmostThere2018 …I just checked their website. Accd to what is posted there, EA is mid-December and regular decision is early March. Guess we have a few more weeks before hearing. :wink:

According to their website…

ED Mid-December
EA Late-February
RD Early March

If memory serves, they rarely sway from these dates.

The decisions posted may be local Virginia high school kids who get in-person acceptances by VT.

I watched a bunch of college decision reaction videos on youtube, and nearly all of them got their EA decisions on February 21/22.

@glitter21 Local area kids (Montgomery county and other counties around Blacksburg) find out early via a process called on-site admission, but that doesn’t apply to most in-state kids, so that might be what you had noticed as far as timing.

@rbc2018 - ahhhh, ok. you’re correct, I did not understand that distinction. thanks for clarifying!

Here’s hoping OOS EA might end up finding out a little earier this year - so hard to wait!!!

Anybody else pulling their hair out with this redesign? The site is almost unusable, ugh.