Virtual/Zoom College Essay Writing Workshops

Any recommendations for a good virtual/Zoom interactive college essay writing workshop? We have several in-person workshops in our city, however, we’d also like to consider other options.

I can help here on CC when the time comes. For free of course.


Are you talking about free workshops? CC is not the right place to solicit recommendations for for-profit, private businesses. If it’s something free, no problem.

posts for private recommendations will be hidden

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Sorry @Lindagaf . I hadn’t thought of that! Yes, please remove if necessary!

I will leave it here in case someone has suggestions for good free resources.

Start by looking at the pinned posts here: College Essays and Writing Help - College Confidential Forums

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The thread about submitting essays for review wasn’t working last application cycle. I ended up doing all of them, I believe. I am not sure what admin’s plan this year but as I said, I am perfectly willing to help. Generally I just PM the applicant who wants help. But it is pretty early,

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