Visit Report UMW

<p>Some impressions of UMW based on our visit today.</p>

<p>Campus is very pretty, brick buildings with white columns and manicured lawns, however. All the buildings look the same though so if you like a campus with some variety in buildings this is not it. Everything looks in very nice shape outside but insides of buidlings seemed a bit tired.</p>

<p>We visited on an overcast day unfortunately there was an atmosphere of gloominess. We did not get a strong feeling of "happy students." Our tour guide, a freshman, seemed very happy and stated that all the people are friendly and non clicquey. Campus housing is required for freshman and sophomores. There is also housing available for upper classmen. About 75% live on campus. The graduate school is on a separate campus we did not get to see that.</p>

<p>Our tour guide enjoyed the small classes and accessibility of professors, who get to know their students. Academically this looks like a strong liberal arts program. The Historic Preservation Program is well known. Business is a popular major. About 65% of the student body are girls. </p>

<p>The campus is in walking distance to the historic town center of Fredericksburg where there are some coffee shops, restaurants, bars and lots of antique stores. There are also historic attractions. If you are coming to visit I highly recommend the Courtyard Marriott. It is right on Caroline st. so you can walk to shops. There is a restaurant and bar in the hotel, also indoor pool. The service is excellent at this hotel. While valet parking is offered, we were able to park on the street for free. I also recommend a restaurant called SammyT's which has a variety of casual food mostly vegetarian menu. People in the town all seem very friendly and we had a lot of nice conversations with shopkeepers. The town is somewhat deserted at this time (March) apparently it is crowded May-October which is the high tourist season.</p>

<p>A little farther from campus on Rt 3 there is a shopping mall and a huge big box store complex called Central Park. Our tour guide said there was a city bus service that connects the campus to this area. There is also a train station in the town about 15 minutes walk from campus. Apparently it is 1 hour to either Richmond or DC by train.</p>

<p>I would say it seems like this school has a lot to offer if the "fit" is right for the student. It did not seem right for my daughter, however. </p>

<p>Let me know if you have questions and I'll try my best to answer!</p>

<p>Hi pamom59,
Thanks for the detailed visit report on your visit. It is good that you were able to see the school for yourselves so your daughter can get the feel for it. I think that is so important. It is a shame the weather was so cruddy here in Virginia....honestly today felt just raw here in Richmond- my daughter said they thought it was going to snow at track practice! I thought spring was finally here and now we get this chilling cold at the end of March. Do you think her impressions would have been different if it had been a bright, sunny and warm day?</p>

<p>We are going to give UMW a look sometime next fall or spring as well. Hopefully as we start these visits, it will make the decisions easier, too. Thanks again for sharing your review and good luck to you both as you decide.</p>

<p>I have no doubt that schools look more appealing on a sunny day- but I don't think she would change her mind based on better weather ("mom---why did you think that I would like this school? I knew from the minute I walked on campus I did not like it") ....but don't let that stop you though, I think that it is worth your time to do the visit and see what your daughter thinks! Heading on to St. Mary's tomorrow.</p>