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We are planning to visit campus next week now that the acceptance has been received. With no formal tour, what places besides campus should we visit? Are there parts of Williamsburg where the students hang out? I want to be sure we have enough time/days to see everything to get a real feel fornlife at W&M. Really wish there was a FB group for parents of W&M Class of 2025 accepted students. I’m in it for another school top of her list and it is amazing. So helpful.

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Congrats! :partying_face: What ECs and/or major is your student interested in? I have a D19 who is a sophomore at W&M now. She loves it there! Please feel free to pm me with any questions. I also have a D21 who will attend in the fall.

I would go to Merchants Square which is right across the street from the Wren Building at the corner of Richmond and Jamestown roads. There’s a large pedestrian area with lots of shops and restaurants. Starting on April 3rd there is a farmer’s market there on Saturday mornings, and it’s filled with families, dogs and students. If it’s a nice day, there will be students out, especially at the bookstore, Aroma’s coffee shop, the Cheese Shop, and the Mellow Mushroom restaurant.

There will likely also be students around the Sunken Gardens, at the Sadler Center, and at the amphitheater at Lake Matoaka.

Thanks, @3SailAway. I sent a message, I think! Brand new to CC.

Maybe considering starting a Facebook group?! I think that’s how things happen! Good luck!

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Posted when I meant to pm.

First of all, congratulations on your acceptance! I attended William & Mary a couple years ago, so I am happy to give some suggestions. Some places you should definitely check out if you are on campus: Sunken Gardens, the Sadler Terrace, Integrated Science Center, Swem Library, Matoka Amphitheater, Mason School of Business, and some other places if you want a general sense of what the campus is like. I can also provide some different suggestions depending on your student’s interests.

Outside of campus, Colonial Williamsburg is right next door. The bookstore is in that area as well. I don’t know if they still have the ice rink out at this time of year, but that is popular. If you are looking for places to eat, Food for Thought (a bit farther out, but my personal fave), Peter Chang’s, Mellow Mushroom, Cheese Shop, and Aroma’s Coffee shop are popular spots. If looking for deserts, Kilwins is a must try.

Happy to answer any questions in the meantime, and I previously created a thread answering some questions here: Ask questions about William and Mary here.

Cheers and congrats again!

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I was reading on another thread that someone recently visited U Va and campus was deserted. We are thinking of visiting W&M Palm Sunday weekend with D22 who wants to see students and get a campus vibe (even though we know in person tours are not happening). Thoughts on whether it would be a wasted trip? We want to visit when students are on campus, not during the summer months, and fall is a busy time for a senior!

@songbirdmama - we just visited this week and the admissions office has an amazing self-guided walking tour. We were there during the week and definitely kids around but not as much as “non-Covid” campus visits. I’m not sure how busy the campus will be on a weekend when kids aren’t walking to and from classes. But, in any case, you’d be able to see the campus and take the self-guided tour.
In my opinion, if mine was a current junior and W&M was near the top on the list, I’d wait until fall and hope students were 100% back on campus and admissions is giving tours.


There is a parent and family FB group run by the university. If you visit campus note that masks are required, even outdoors.

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