Visiting soon!

<p>I am just planning going on the basic tour on Nov 10th. I will only be there for the tour. Do you not get to see the dorms on the tour? I think thats what I figured out from the website. Also, is there anything that you recommend I go see that they wouldn’t normally show me on the tour?</p>

<p>You can see the Village housing during a separate tour -- usually in the afternoon (last year i know there was one around 2:00 pm -- check the housing website and see if they post this year's tour times). When my D toured, they did show her the Quad residence halls during the regular tour. This housing area is right in the middle of campus, and is VERY convenient to all parts of the university. Sure, they are older, but the Quad halls are in great shape for their age and the location can't be beat. If you have time, walk around the downtown to get a feel for the town. IF you are interested in the engineering school, take a little extra time to explore this entire part of campus -- it's pretty impressive. Wear comfortable shoes, the campus is relatively hilly and you will cover a lot of ground. Good luck and War Eagle!</p>

<p>One other thing, the Hill dorms are NOT in the regular tour -- I don't know when that tour would be (if there is actually anything official). You can walk over there if you want as well, but these halls are sort of off the beaten path, so to speak. The Hill residential halls have good parking though, and there are a lot of freshmen living in this area.</p>

<p>If the engineering school is of interest to you, I know that you might be able to get a more "personalized" tour by contacting this school. Personally, I went through this tour with my dad, and the guide walked us through all the engineering buildings. In fact, my tour guide happened to be in the major I was interested in, so I got a more "in-depth" tour of that department's building.</p>

<p>thanks! i'm planning on living in the Quad most likely, I may go see the Village too. I'm actually planning on majoring in business. Thank you guys so much! I'm so excited to visit!</p>

<p>Highly recommend you try to talk to someone in the school you are interested in. This is what clinched AU for my D. She was accepted to 10 schools but the business school at AU was the most impressive.</p>

<p>i set it up today! cant wait for everything on thursday!</p>