<p>I recently got accepted into the university and am planning to visit in January. Are there any places I should go see? Should I stay at a dorm overnight to get a feel of things? How do I go about doing that if I don't know anyone that goes there?</p>


<p>Bring a bike</p>

<p>I'm planning to visit in January, it may be a little cold for a bike..hah</p>

<p>Actually a lot of people still bike here in winter since the sidewalks are plowed so well (so as to get out of the cold faster, it makes sense)..I wouldn't hesitate to bring a bike unless it snows big time between now and then ^_^</p>

<p>And yes, I would suggest visiting:
1) Coffman Union, first floor and one floor down by escalator (where the bookstore/school store is), and the dining area like where Panda express and other restaurants are maybe
2) Walter Library
3) The STSS building
4) Dorm like Pioneer hall
5) The old university area (aka where Folwell, Jones, Nicholson halls are..walking along this street is a very nice view)</p>

<p>And I think that would give you a good feel for the university. The first 3 are very nearby also.</p>

<p>I don't think you need to stay overnight, the dorm won't be decorated/with your things in it, so it might not impress you..but when you actually get settled in them it's much much nicer.</p>

<p>You can find maps on their website for all the above places^</p>

<p>Oh and nobody will notice you there so it doesn't matter if you don't know anyone haha. Just walk around</p>

<p>As for dorms, if you don't plan on staying overnight you could go even without scheduling anything, just follow students inside a residence hall and then you can view the lounge areas or dining halls.</p>

<p>-U of M student</p>

<p>What is the difference between Frontier and Territorial?
I've been reading up on dorms and i know that these two are the newest ones and have the underground tunnels.
*I'm filling out the housing app and am required to rank the dorms</p>

<p>^ Frontier and Territorial are both freshman dorms on the Super Block, an entire city block devoted to four dormitories. Frontier is generally regarded as the "quiet" dorm on East Bank and Territorial is the party dorm. Centennial is a good balance (where I lived my freshman year) and I think Pioneer is all singles and pretty antisocial. </p>

<p>Naokifresh had a great list of places to visit on campus. I second the STSS Building.. You'll more than likely have a class in there at some point and it has the most amazing classrooms you'll ever see.</p>

<p>If you have more time, walk across the bridge to West Bank and check out Willey Hall (another place Im sure you'll have class) or the much less exciting Wilson Library. (Walter Library is the awesomest library in the world whereas Wilson is the lamest)</p>

<p>Scope out the Rec Center and TCF Bank Stadium on East bank, and take a walk down 4th street through Dinkytown and try one of the restaurants.</p>