Voice Students-How many schools are you (or did you) apply to?

<p>This is just a question out of curiosity for all of you fellow voice students. How many schools did you actually end up sending tapes and applying to?</p>

<p>I applied to 6 schools when I did my undergraduate auditions.</p>

<p>When DD applied for undergrad she applied to 8, but dropped one before auditions when she decided she did not really want to go there. So 7 in the end, all with auditions.</p>

<p>DD applied to 5 schools. Two of the schools had prescreens.</p>

<p>D applied to either 5 or 6 (old age creeping up,I can't remember 3 years later!). Too many can really place a strain on the voice assuming the tight timing for audition season and winter travel.</p>

<p>If schools require prescreening tapes, would it be wise to apply to at least 10 in order to (hopefully) have 5-6 auditions?</p>

<p>^^^^^^^Yes. In my D's case, she completed applications for 10 schools, she passed only one of the 4 pre-screens, and it was the top conservatory, top choice school, (where she ended up attending, with a great music merit scholarship.) She auditioned at 5 schools, ended up dropping some applications before the auditions because she had better offers.</p>