Volunteer Work?

<p>What kind of volunteer work have you guys done? Besides those involving clubs</p>

<p>community work, just for fun i guess nothing involving specific timings. I guess just anything can count.</p>

<p>Library and school clubs and organizations. I'm trying to get in to volunteering at the hospital but the waiting list is so long.</p>

<p>tons of my friends volunteer at hospitals - it's really good because there's a one-year commitment so it's a steady volunteer gig. i volunteer at a lot of charity walks and summer camps, and a lot of it is through nhs.</p>

<p>regretfully not much
some school stuff during freshmen year
typhoon reconstruction, blood donation, and school stuff sophomore year
tutoring, school stuff, brain injury patient(gonna to do this summer) junior year
pretty unimpressive</p>

<p>afterschool programs for kids.</p>

<p>churches always have a big need for volunteers</p>

<p>eva i second you on that...that's about all the volonteering I've done :(</p>

<li>Vacation Bible School</li>
<li>Retirement Home</li>
<li>'HANDS' project held at retirement home</li>
<li>Referee for soccer games</li>

<p>Next year I want to do VBS again and tutor children.</p>

<p>The only one that I think I didn't want to do was volunteer at the retirement home. I did it because I was required to do SOMETHING and that would give me the most hours. If it wasn't required, I wouldn't have done it. I'm glad I did it now because I learned alot about medicare and the like and they fed me really well (plus a lot of tips hehe)! Everything else was something I really enjoyed! The Hands project is making clothes and pillows for needy kids in America.</p>

<p>local democratic party, library, local science museum, orchestra

<p>I volunteered 6.022*10^23 hours at a local community hospital, solved world hunger, and ended the Gulf War. What are my chances at harvard?</p>

<p>That was totally random. No one was like showing off their incredible stats concerning volunteering and asking for their chances? Although I find your statement relevant to the forum, that was totally irrelevant to the thread.</p>

<p>but the Avagrado's number was a nice touch</p>

<p>My chemistry class taught it as 6.023...</p>

<p>All my faith in life's simple truths has just dissolved.</p>

<p>i volunteer weekly at the local npr radio station</p>

<p>I volunteer at a local food bank for 2 hours every week. The work was very easy and seeing how your effort pays off is such a great feeling.</p>

<p>Actually, my school requires something like 15 hours of volunteer work before you can graduate, so I'm tring to find some stuff. This weekend actually there is a big festival in my town. Kelly clarkson, clay aiken, and maroon 5 are all going to be there, So I"ve volunteered with the Spanish Club in my school for it. We have to tell people where to sit, then we get to sit and watch maroon 5...pretty sweet deal if you ask me! go toms river fest!</p>

<p>I'm on the Youth Advisory Council for an organization that combats domestic violence. Basically, I work to campaign against violence and spread the word about teen shelters to the high school community. </p>

<p>In addition, every summer, I spend about a week (~30 hours) in Philadelphia tutoring inner-city ESL students. This has been an amazing opportunity because I've gotten really close to the students and listened about their difficult social situations (especially in an inner-city school).</p>

<p>There are also required tutoring hours for French and Math Honor Societies. I can assure you that I enjoy French tutoring much more than Math tutoring. To be honest, I'm the one who's going to need tutoring in BC Calc this year. :P</p>

<p>I walk dogs at a shelter for 3 hours/week.</p>

<p>i volunteer at the Western Law Center for Disablity Rights, which is a not for profit law firm that works for the rights of disabled citizens.</p>