W&M Class of 2024 Waitlist Discussion

I haven’t seen any places to discuss things about the waitlist so I decided to make a post just to ask any questions or discuss the status of the waitlist.

has anyone looked into the verto program?

Has anyone received any contact or information from W&M yet?

I emailed admissions not too long ago and they said they haven’t pulled anyone from the waitlist yet, they’re waiting till May. I’m considering the verto program or the CC option as well!

it seems like a good option, good luck!

Has anyone heard anything yet? I know they said that the waitlist likely won’t open until after May 1st but a lot of colleges are sending stuff out early.

Just in case anyone missed it, William and Mary sent out a form to say if you want to stay on the waitlist or not. Good luck to everyone!

Did they send out the emails to everyone or just people they considered taking off the waitlist?

@lychee248 As far as I know they sent them out to everyone who said they were staying on the waitlist originally. I think they are sending them out in waves though because I got mine last night while some people got theirs this morning.

Hi! I was waitlisted last year but got off the list on May 3rd (which was a Friday and two days after decision day). I found out via a phone call from my region’s admissions officer followed by an email. I had stayed in contact with my admissions counselor in the time between being waitlisted and being taken off, so I suggest you do the same if you haven’t already. I wrote him an email in early April and made it very personal (and a bit quirky - I added a youtube link to Abba’s “Take a Chance on Me” lol).

Best of luck and stay strong! My year at William & Mary was genuinely the best, but most applicants to W&M can certainly find success and happiness at a plethora of other schools. You’ve got this!

@mollymg01 thanks for the support! William & Mary is my top choice, and I really want to get off that waitlist! I have already sent in a letter of continued interest, and I’m waiting for a possible form or call from my regional dean. Hopefully I get in!

No problem, I’m rooting for all of you! I know the college process is tough, but things are much more enjoyable once you’re on the other side. Good luck and hopefully I’ll see you guys next fall(ish)!

Does anyone expect to hear anything today? I know last year they started on a Friday, but I wonder if they will start today because they used the weekend to decide or finish reviewing the first wave. If so, good luck to everyone, I am freaking out! If not today, I guess I will continue to freak out until anything is released!

I haven’t gotten anything yet, so I’m really holding in my breath right now! I’m wondering if they’re sending emails based on in state vs. out of state. I wish the best of luck to you and everyone else!

Although I do not know when exactly, I emailed my AO earlier today and he said that we can expect a wave to be sent out sometime this week, hopefully before Friday.

@htsardi Thanks for the information!

I just heard about someone from r/ApplyingToCollege who said they got off of the waitlist this morning. Hopefully, they are sending out more today/this week.

Just got off William and Mary waitlist!!!