W&M Summer Interview

<p>I'm signed up to do an interview at W&M this summer and I was just wondering what I should expect, how I should prepare, what I should wear, etc.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)</p>

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<p>You can prepare by researching the W& M website a bit and thinking about questions to ask regarding your prospective major, what W&M offers in your intended ECs, what student life in general is like at the College, etc. You want to show the interviewer that you're interested enough in the school to have found some answers on your own. Extreme example - you wouldn't say "Do you have a History major?" when it's obvious from W&M's home page that there is one. You wouldn't say "Is there a study abroad program?" when 2 clicks of the mouse will show you that there are extensive opportunities to study abroad. The interview is a chance for you to have your questions answered, but the best questions demonstrate that you're truly interested in the school. You can always ask the interviewer what their freshman experience was like, what they thought of their writing seminar, if they've studied abroad, what students do in their downtime, etc. </p>

<p>It's common for interviewers to ask "What would you contribute to our school?" so maybe think about that one a bit. My d suggests not being afraid to think for a second before answering any question, and also bringing a sheet of paper with a few of your questions jotted down.</p>

<p>It's pretty informal, from what my d told me, but I think you'd want to dress similarly to the interviewer in order to feel comfortable. Interviewers are rising W&M seniors working in the admissions office for the summer. My d wore a knee-length cotton skirt, sleeveless button front cotton blouse, and flats - so did her interviewer. :) Best of luck!</p>

<p>Thank you very much, that was definitely helpful! My interview isn't until August 13th, so I have plenty of time to prepare.</p>

<p>Glad you signed up for a summer interview. Many of your questions can be answered on the interview FAQ web site (William</a> & Mary - Frequently Asked Questions about Campus Interviews). You can dress casually and just come prepared to talk about your extracurricular activities, your academic interests, and yourself. Our interviewers just want to get to know you in a bit more depth than the application can provide.</p>

<p>Also feel free to come with questions you want to ask of a W&M student.</p>

<p>I have a question about the interview: Is it more about you as an all around person, or is it more about why you want to go to W&M and what about it intrests you?</p>

<p>It's geared to learn more about you the potential applicant. Your interviewer will likely ask why you're interested in W&M but the majority of the interview focuses on learning more about your extracurricular activities, academic interests, passions, and personality.</p>

<p>okay thank you!</p>