Waiting on Portal Access?

Anyone else have an early submitter? D22 sent her common app on 8/3 and we have portals for all other schools besides Udel. Wondering is anyone has gotten an email to set up their access? She is TO and needs to do the supplemental writing prompts, and was hoping to get that off her plate before the start of school.

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My son submitted early too. He just received access to the portal this past week. Good luck!

@tumagmom: My daughter just applied TO as well. Did your daughter ever have to do the supplemental writing prompts? We were under the impression before she applied that she would get more information after her application was submitted but it doesn’t seem to be required anymore?

My daughter ended up emailing her admissions rep and was told they opted not to add supplemental questions for TO applicants.

Thank you for the confirmation. Good luck to your daughter!

How long did UDel take to send portal after common app submitted?

It was 20 days for my daughter

thank you for the response - it hasn’t been too long yet but my daughter has received most from other schools so we were hoping nothing went wrong!

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