Waitlist - Transfer Applicants to Columbia for Fall 2021

Didn’t see a thread for Fall 2021 Waitlisted Applicants to Columbia (juniors or sophomores - class of 2024 and 2023). If anyone has any stats about the waitlist (like how many people are on it, etc) please feel free to drop them here. Goes without saying, here to keep company and support each other :))


Thank you for making this thread. Sending positive vibes to everyone. I really hope we all get off :slight_smile:


Thank you! I never expected to be on the waitlist to begin with, so I am excited whether or not I get in :smiley:. I hope they have a decent waitlist acceptance especially since it seems enrollment is down.


Wishing everyone the best luck! I expected a rejection so this is a pleasant surprise lol. Anyone have any estimates on the waitlist size? I’m waitlisted at Stanford too and it seems like that list is 15-20 at max and seems more like 10.

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ahhh me too - best of luck to everyone!

I have no idea how long the Columbia waitlist is. hope it’s short - seems that it’s shorter than last year’s, at any rate. didn’t see any info about an extended waitlist.

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I got waitlisted too. It seems like a pretty long list tbh

Does seem pretty long but I don’t think it’s long enough to give up hope or to not try. Sure there’s a decent number of people who got accepted and won’t attend and at least some people on the waiting list who won’t bother to put in the effort thinking it’s just a soft rejection. Definitely doesn’t seem as hopeless as Vanderbilt’s waitlist lol


Is anyone having issues with the financial aid portal? I don’t see any documents in my portal

all that info disappeared for everyone about a week or two before decisions were released

Thoughts on when to submit loci… Any benefits to sending it early?

don’t think so. they’re still not going to release decisions post june 10.

any updates?

not yet for me. anyone else?


Does anyone still have the supplementary form submit option on their portal? Also, does anyone know how Columbia notifies applicants of their waitlist status? Like is it through email or do we just need to constantly check the portal?

I still have the submit option but I don’t think it really matters whether it’s there or not. Portal changes don’t always reflect admission status. I would assume they would email saying ‘an update has been posted to your application.’

I’m not in the US atm - is any brave soul willing to call to inquire about the transfer waitlist???

Oh okay that’s super helpful, thanks! And ya same here not in the states rn…
I really hope they take at least some kids off the waitlist

gummyworms1 and cookieboi2 - are you international transfers? What year and which school if you don’t mind :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll try to call today…



not an international transfer - just visiting family )

trying to transfer from Boston U.

No problem…
I was unclear :sweat_smile: which school are you trying to get into - CC or SEAS?

all good

CC :slight_smile: