Wake Forest Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission


Any tips for the interview?

Know some books. Interviews are very casual. Have a few questions to ask. Don’t be overly worried or nervous about it.

Fill out the Family Record Form on the Wake site. Will get you lots of informational emails you’ll need. Then just check the calendar for upcoming deadlines on the New Families Calendar. Congrats!

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Thanks so much!
My daughter has hers this coming week.

She got a text from a student yesterday.

The interview was really about getting to know my daughter as a person and what her interest were at Wake. Interviewer saw her guitars and ukes in the background and asked if she could play something but he was just joking and said there was no talent portion on the interview.

Did everyone get a text from a current student after all the checkmarks were in? I don’t know if I should be interacting with her or not I just don’t have any more questions.

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My son did. Can’t hurt to say hi.

My daughter responded and asked a question. However it is a little odd, because if they are applying ED, the students really feel like they are familiar enough with the school that it is there #1 choice.
Does everyone get a txt from a current student. I think it’s nice that they reach out. I have not heard of other colleges doing this.


Will do !! Thanks :blush:

Does Wake mail an acceptance letter or is it only online?

You get a copy online and eventually one in the mail. There was also a swag bag for ED’s that accepted.

Thanks. Son was accepted last week and we were curious.

what time do students get their decisions?

Usually around 8 Eastern time on Fridays

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Whoa a swag bag? I was admitted ED 3 weeks ago, is there really a swag bag?

Got a couple of them last year. Shirts, stickers, etc.

Just got an email saying that they are unable to accommodate my interview request… shucks! I submitted my app 8 days ago so I guess this was to be expected.

I think I’m going to do the 3 minute video essay— will it hold as much weight as an interview typically would? Does not having an interview hurt my chances of admission even though I can’t control it?

Did anyone hear anything last night??

I wouldn’t sweat it too much but be on the lookout in case interviews open up. I’m not sure what the parameters are for the video but if you can research what Wake is about and how you can contribute it might be a nice edition to your application if you do it right. The actual interview last year was really informal and more of a get to know you and what you are about. There were lots of people last year that didn’t get interviews with the Covid issues.

Not having an interview won’t hurt you (it might comparatively speaking, but it won’t be a black mark against you) but doing the video would definitely show demonstrated interest, and help the admissions staff get to know you better. (And Wake really values that holistic view of students.)