Wake Forest Waitlist 2025

what date did u guys say u’d like to stay in the waitlist? did everyone j put august 1st?

Got an email today that the first day of class is Aug 23.

I put August 1st as well

Seems like a lot of people who had an unrealistic idea about Merit Aid are dropping out in high numbers currently so hopefully that works out for y’all.


Yes, 8/1

Yepp, August 1st

I put August 1st as well

SAT: 1560
GPA 5.5 W 3.7sumthin UW
14 AP, 20+ Honors

Heavily involved in Speech and Debate (Public Forum) with moderate success and leadership;
Good amount of involvement with Model UN, with pretty good success and leadership
4 years of a shoe drive with 1500+ Pairs donated
7 years of volunteering at church summer camp with 2 years of assistant manager for the whole camp as leadership
4 Honor societies (National, Science, Rho Kappa [History], Speech and Debate)

Personal statement was about my stutter, and how it helped me find unique ways to get over obstacles and find my voice
Book essay was about the beloved, and how you need to be able to see past the visceral language to see the meaning of the story;
Intellectual curiosity essay was about foreign affairs;
Community essay was about volunteering at my church;

Showed a lot of interest in wake: In person tour before COVID, Interview, emailed with advisors, emailed with debate team, followed instagram pages😅 , and even my guidance counselor said she would write a letter to wake saying how its my first choice and that i would’ve EDd if i could afford it. If i got off the waitlist, I would accept in a heartbeat.

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so if you’re offered admission off the wait list you get a phone call? do you also get an email? does anyone know what happens if you miss the phone call because i’m not even sure what phone number i put down or if i put a phone number down for wake.

Hopefully they’ll explain more on the 4/7 call.


i’m wondering the same thing i’m so nervous i’ll miss the call. i always have my phone on do not disturb so i like miss most calls.

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Someone mentioned that there were 100 extra freshman admitted last year. Does anyone want to ask about how that may impact the class this year? My daughter is registered for the webinar but is flying home right now so I can’t ask.

They enrolled about 90 more than 2019 but only about 20 more than 2018. Enrollment was about 1200 in 2010 and grows nearly every year.

i heard the same thing but they have a new maya angelou dorm so i have a feeling that opened up more spots for students

How did people feel after the waitlist webinar? Hopeful or not so much?

What’s the short version of what they told y’all?

It’s different every year so hard to say if or when they’d go to the waitlist. You aren’t a specific number on the list, rather it depends on who drops off. If a male engineering student from the Midwest drops, they are going to look to fill a similar student profile. Stay in touch with your Regional Dean.

i felt a little underwhelmed. he didn’t tell us specific things we should know imo. i wish they could’ve answered some actual specific questions. i think we need to know how many people were accepted, how many they want to enroll (he threw out 1400 at one point so i have a feeling it might be around there which would be awesome instead of the classic 1200 for wake) and how many people are on the waitlist. i def had other questions too but those are pretty important and necessary things we need to know. especially considering most of us our counting down the days for this phone call waiting to switch up our entire already created college plan well into the summer and even potentially only 2/3 weeks before FDOC.

two people from my school that were accepted are not going and there seems to be a substantial size of people on tiktok that were accepted but are going uc or uva/unc/duke or ivy on my fyp. i’ve been commenting too saying that if people aren’t going to schools they were accepted to that they need to reject their apps sooner than later. i’m just hoping we could potentially get an answer april 22-24 like last yr (i wanted to ask abt that as well).

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sorry for spamming. but i also think because there’s so many schools in nc and some that are similar vibes that maybe people would pick those over wake. for example, elon (the exact same but less rigor basically and less expensive) unc/uva, duke, umiami, uc schools, ivys, tulane, umich, richmond. what i mean is that theres many schools that accepted students could have been accepted to and decide to go. like wake isn’t a tiny liberal arts school that’s very super unique or an ivy where everyone that’s accepted goes. we have hope i think! plus an extra 200 spaces would be awesome.