Walter Cronkite School of Journalism

Is there anyone that is currently a student at the Walter Cronkite school of journalism? Because I need some advice since my application is under review by the journalism school committee.

I have a 3.5 gpa, I have all 4 years of English (IB HL Lang and Lit for 2 years, all B grades, one A grade in my literature honers class but the rest B’s, No C, D or F in any of my literature class) and I have taken 3 sessions of Summer School at a skills school. However, my SAT is a 910 composite for verbal and math, my ACT is a 19. Will Cronkite School admit me, ask me for additional materials or will I be admitted to my second major? I’m so concerned about my SAT and ACT scores.

You should do another round of ACT and/or SAT testing though and bump them up.

Cronkite has some of the most stringent admission requirements of ASU. From what I know, you need a 3.0 AND four years of english AND a 1040 SAT or 22 ACT.

While I’ve certainly heard of kids pulling strings to get in, admissions, university-wide are pretty rigid. Perhaps persistence and prayer can get your accepted to Cronkite… But I think you’ll need to get your SAT/ACT score up. I’ve met lots of people who have managed to get their ACT score up by almost 10 points… So, an improvement of 2 points isn’t far fetched.

Son applied for Fall 2021 on Feb 1. He was accepted to ASU several weeks ago but application is under review by the journalism school. Anyone has have this same situation? How long does the review take?