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How can I post an Ask the Dean question on this Forum?

Hi @aimforstars ! It’s more efficient to send it via email so The Dean can remove identifying information from the question before sharing the answer publicly.

My D has an admission and merit scholarships from USC. Her GPA is fine and as expected. But her IB dropped to 35/45 against predictive of 42. She scored 5’s and 6’s . Drop 1 point from predictive on each subject. Her grandfather suffering with cancer passed away and at the same time maternal grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and started chemo during her IB exams. They moved in with us for treatment. She missed predictives by a slight margin in each subject. How will USC treat her admissions and scholarship. She is awarded the usa presidents award for educational excellence in the graduating class. Pls advice how to approach. Thanks

@Fatpoet-As @CCEdit_Torrey noted above, it’s best to send future “Ask the Dean” questions via email to editorial@collegeconfidential.com. We don’t always see them here, and some are best answered privately. In your case, however, I can respond quickly. Your daughter shouldn’t worry about losing her place or her scholarship at USC since it sounds like her actual grades were fine and her GPA is still strong. It would still be worthwhile, however for her to send a brief email to her USC admission rep to explain the situation during her IB exams.

My condolences to your daughter (and to all of you) on the loss of her grandfather. I hope that her grandmother is doing well now. I was in a very similar situation myself when I was in high school and I know how stressful and sad it can be.

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