Was Anyone Else Asked to Convert to EDII?

My admissions counselor emailed me, asking me to convert my Regular Decision Application to ED2. I said yes since F&M has been my top choice school for a long time. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else, and if it would increase my chances of admission? My guidance counselor thinks that it will.

My gpa is a 4.3 weighted and I got a 33 act in one sitting. I’m also the President of a mental health club at my school, and have other leadership positions such as section editor of my school’s newspaper. My mom also attended F&M. Thanks!

Are you seeking & in need of substantial financial aid ? If so, and you have applied to other schools, then think carefully before switching to binding ED.

For what it’s worth, F&M will provide you with a preliminary financial aid package before you apply ED, if you ask. My daughter applied ED1, and if I recall correctly the deadline for our financial aid info to be in to get the preliminary package was about 2 weeks before the application deadline. It only took them a few days to turn it around.

It ended up being almost identical to the net price calculator I had run, but you can’t be too careful at a 70k school. :slight_smile: