Washington and Lee Class of 2025 Johnson Scholarship + RD

I did not see a thread for Johnson or Regular Decision at W&L so I made one! I believe that Johnson results come out late Jan(01/31 last year) or early Feb. They always seem to fall on a Friday if that helps!

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So maybe Friday Jan 29 this year?!

I think either Jan 29th or Feb 5th. Hopefully, Jan 29th because I cannot wait any longer lol

oh exciting! I hope the finalists are notified soon, the anticipation is killing me

Same. I wonder what they are going to do for the finalist competition this year.

i know that washu has adopted virtual events for their merit scholarships so I assume w&l will do the same thing

im so glad to see this thread, I’ve been eagerly awaiting results!

For the Johnson scholarship, does everyone get notified regardless of whether they get nominated or do we assume we haven’t been selected if we don’t see anything on our portal?

Hey guys! Any internationals applying for the Johnson? :slight_smile:

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Yes, international student here.

I think everyone gets notified not too sure tho

Boston College did notify everyone submitted applications by 11/01/2020, but not selected as the big scholarship finalists. Different colleges may be different.

hey yes! applying from Pakistan

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also, does anyone know how they’ll go about the competition this year?

I am not sure! Probably some sort of online interview with a virtual tour or something?

just realized ED2 decisions are releasing on Jan 29th too so Johnson results might be pushed back

agh that’s annoying

what are you guys’ stats?
i want to weigh my chances so i dont get my hopes up too much

ah that sucksss

No news yet?