Washington and Lee Class of 2025 Johnson Scholarship + RD

Obviously, you are very accomplished. Congrats. SInce $ are a factor for us, my daughter will likely choose between FSU (about 23K), U of SC with Honors (about $28K) and her favorite by far (but my least due to it being the least ranked by far) - College of Charleston. She is in Honors and is an International Scholar (which comes with some extra parks). That’s about $40K. Obviously these are “expensive” decisions but she does have great merit. She also likes Florida - but it’s even more.

Good luck to all. Congrats Throwaway - you are extremely fortunate and I’m sure it’s well deserved.


Honestly, a lot of it was simply being in the right place at the right time with the right mindset. Your daughter seems very talented, and she has a lot of great options in front of her. Wishing y’all the best of luck - I’m sure that she’ll find success regardless of where she matriculates!

Congratulations on your success! You can’t go wrong with those options. Best of luck at UNC!

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Does anyone know what is the regular decision release date?

Did anybody win one of the smaller specific scholarships? If so, are you going to accept it?

April 1, based on this page.

My D just received an email stating decisions will come out Wednesday, March 31 at 8:00 pm EDT.

good luck everyone)

Did anyone get in without test scores?

You may want to ask on the ED thread too. Perhaps some scholarship finalists on this thread were TO, but since RD decisions haven’t been released you may get better info on the ED thread. :grinning:

Obviously a different school - but UGA released stats. They were 31-34 on the ACT but 40% admitted were TO. Will other schools be similar - that I don’t know.

It will be interesting once all the stats are released. I wish all admissions were as transparent as David Graves at UGA!

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Interestingly - they admitted 2K more students than last year - about 15%. I assume that’s because they can’t predict their yields or lack confidence in doing so.

And had a WL of 1,900 - so that’s like extra doubt.

Emory seems to have a huge wait list. I know kids get excited - but really a WL is a rejection. It’s there purely for the benefit of the school. I have no doubt yields will be down because any school that got way more apps - and it’s most the top 100 - of course less will commit. But having such a huge waiting list is just giving these poor kids unnecessary false hope.


I wonder if this is only for people who got in or everyone’s the same. So when you go to Admitted Students Day | Washington and Lee
there are two virtual admitted students days to select. If you click on either one of them, it’s gonna ask you to use your portal info to sign in. And I tried, it brought me to the registration confirmation page. I don’t know if that means anything.

on upload materials i can upload admitted students day visiting procedure form but one of my friends cannot does that mean anything

so when i click the link and choose a date i automatically send to the confirmation page , where my credentials are auto filled (using the data from my portal), also i’m eligible to ask some questions or book a ticket for my parents; then i need to click a button to officially register for the event. you have the same ?

Yes, I think that’s just same for everyone

I don’t have that option, so maybe that’s a good thing

Do you have the photo release form option under upload documents ?