Washington State University, Western Washington University, and UW-Bothell - Computer Science

I was accepted by WSU and WWU for 2021, and I’m pretty sure I’ll get in UWB. Which one of these is the best school for Computer Science? I want to be a software developer, not a professor.

Also, I’m from the Eastside and I want to live in the dorms.

Any suggestions?

I would say Washington State for the top program of the three. They have a much larger engineering school. The advantage to UW-Bothell is that you are in Seattle and (I suspect) might be able to take some classes at the main UW campus. I’m not 100% sure about this though. It is worth researching.

And obviously you are already in Seattle for jobs.

Edit: Yes, it looks like UW Bothell students can cross-register for classes at UW-Seattle on a space available basis with some restrictions. You’d want to talk to some UW-Bothell students or professors to see if that actually is practical and something that is done in computer science