Washington U. in St Louis Class of 2027 Official Thread

This is the official discussion thread for Washington U. in St Louis Class of 2027 RD applicants. Ask your questions and connect with fellow applicants.

RD Application Deadline is: January 4

Is the 90 seconds video important?

@CC_Sorin - I think you forgot to update the text (It says Brown)

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Thanks, @Novacat9191! I updated it now.

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My son was admitted ED and did not submit the 90 second video. He was essentially advised that if you don’t have something unique or different than what shows in your app, it isn’t really necessary.

Thanks for sharing! Much appreciated!!


hey guys. I dint indicate that I wanted fin aid and dont have a fin aid portal in my washu pathway webpage. Is that the case with every1? or is it just me

D got an email to submit first semester grades - is this a good sign?

Submitting first semester grades is required of all applicants: the email is likely just a reminder to get it done.

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When was release date last year?

march 24

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Anybody get a call for the merit scholarship yet? I saw somebody did on the reddit thread

Hi did you find out if other scholarship finalists have been contacted yet?

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yep, all have been contacted by phone and the rest of the applicants have been notified by email

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I just got the email. I got rejected from the scholarship program. Disappointing since I spent like 3 weeks on them. From hearing current students, it seems that if you don’t get into the scholarship program, you pretty much wont get in :confused:

I just got an email saying I wasn’t selected. Does that go for only signature scholars or academic devision scholarships too?

i think its both. are you talking about the engineering division scholarship?

distinguished scholars program for Olin school of business.

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And is that it? I don’t have any more chances at any scholarships?

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Oh no, really? They only accept people accepted into the scholarship program? That doesn’t really make sense though does it?