Washington U. in St Louis Class of 2027 Official Thread

We had one waitlist which is in complete section. WashU is in InProgress section.

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I suspect all it means is they are loading up decisions and nothing more.


Is your application still in progress? I checked this morning and it is still in progress.

Right now mine is saying complete as in

Your Regular Decision application for admission is complete! Please check back for important updates.

Is that good or bad news or meaningless?

<<< DID anyone else app move from Complete to In Progress in their slate account? Ours had been in the Complete section and just moved back to In Progress today.>>>

What is this SLATE acct? My washu portal is called PATHWAY.

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would not read into that at all. our’s has said that for a long time. you will find out tomorrow afternoon, I guess.

It probably means they have finished reviewing and closed the file for decision day…the wait is tough, isn’t it…

Are Washu decisions coming out tomorrow?



What time???

they emailed

they emailed the time?

no they said late afternoon

It will probably come out ~ 5 to 7 pm


Has everyone lost most options in their portal?


yes, a skinny version now

love that name

When everyone is saying “most options” do you see ANY options?

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i see my admissions staff and a button to click to the financial aid portal. i also see the thank you message for submitting my video.