WashU 2025 ED 2 / II

hey guys i made this thread for washu ed 2 applicants!! any insight on when decisions come out?? good luck to everyone!

Yes! The ED2 decision release date is February 15th! I’m not quite sure what time yet though…

My daughter applied to ED2 and we are also hoping release date is sooner than 2/15. The wait is brutal.

Good luck to you all!

Hey! Fellow ED2er here! Did any of you guys do the optional interview/video?

No :confused: When I tried to sign up for the interview all of the slots were full! I even tried before I submitted my application…

I wasn’t able to too! :frowning: I didn’t do the video either :grimacing:

i did the video, did anyone else? anyways i’m just hoping that decisions come out before the 15th!

I saw somewhere on their website that decisions are Feb 14, but another said Feb 15 so idk. Hopefully it’s not the 14 because thats my birthday

My D initially scheduled for an interview but later got an email about its cancellation. Was suggested to do an optional video which she did.