we just had a rare earthquake

<p>I know this pales in comparison to you folks in CA.....but we just had an earthquake here in VT and that is very rare!</p>

<p>what did it measure?</p>

<p>How big? Did you feel it?</p>

<p>just noticed an ohio equake post...maybe somewhere in between.
That is a wide radius. Scarry.</p>

did you feel it?


.... .</p>

<p>No information is out yet. It happened about ten minutes ago and is just very rare here in Vermont. The house felt like it was shaking and the ground was rumbling sort of like what it might feel like in a city with a subway going underneathe. I live in the mountains in a rural area. I didn't time it but maybe it was like for 45 seconds?</p>

<p>It is just hitting the news but not that specific of information yet. </p>

<p>So far.....from The Burlington Free Press (here in Vermont):</p>

Vermont rocked by earthquake
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 23, 2010</p>

<p>A small earthquake rocked the state this afternoon, with reports of the tremblor extending as far away as Cleveland, Ohio.</p>

<p>State Geologist Larry Becker in Waterbury was seeking official confirmation from the U.S. Geological Survey, but said, "We felt it here. I was sitting in my chair and started rocking back and forth. ... It looks like it probably was an event."</p>

<p>The last "event" in Vermont came in April 2002, when a small quake near Plattsburgh, N.Y., was felt in the Champlain Valley.</p>

<p>Reports from Swanton, Huntington, Milton, Montpelier and beyond spilled into the Free Press newsroom and are being posted online.


<p>Vermont</a> rocked by earthquake | The Burlington Free Press | Burlington, Vermont</p>

<p>Just noticed a 5.5 in Ontario Magnitude</a> 5.5 - ONTARIO-QUEBEC BORDER REGION, CANADA</p>

<p>this was it^</p>

<p>Yeah, a friend of mine in Toronto just told me about it.</p>

<p>Seems to be widespread beyond my state of Vermont. It was longer and stronger than anything I have experienced here with regard to earthquakes.</p>

<p>I live here near Burlington and didn't feel this, but maybe that was the dizzy feeling I experienced? I find out about an earthquake where I live via CC ... crazy.</p>

<p>When you are far away(epicenter Ontario) and the waves are long---If you are standing, you frequently feel it as "dizziness".</p>

<p>USGS</a> Earthquake Hazards Program: Earthquake Location: ONTARIO-QUEBEC BORD REG., CANADA</p>


A small earthquake rocked the state this afternoon, with reports of the tremblor extending as far away as Cleveland, Ohio


<p>Further away than Cleveland. Reports are coming in from all over Ohio.</p>

<p>these USGS rsponse lists are always interesting...M5.5</a> – Ontario-Quebec Border Region, Canada
I wonder if there was a secondary temblor in the Ohio region that was the result of the 5.5 in Ontario?</p>

<p>45 seconds is a LONG time when it comes to earthquakes!</p>

<p>I'm sure I felt the same thing. It occured at the same time and was very minor. My son and daughter never felt a thing, but my neighbor and I both felt it.</p>

<p>45 seconds? It only lasted about 3 seconds here.</p>

<p>I didn't time it but it felt kind of long to me....maybe it was more like 30 seconds. It did not diminish right away, it kept shaking, rattling, and rolling for a bit.</p>

<p>If you were on the second floor of a wood frame house or in a tall building it can seem to go on forever. I was on the 24th floor of a large office building during a 4.8. I watched my hanging light fixture sway for a good 20 minutes.</p>