Wearing Sweatshirts?

<p>Odd question for high school kids: Is it against "the rules" to wear sweatshirts of colleges you have visited, but have not been accepted to yet? my friends have been like makin jokes about that. My theory is that its cuz im wearing like ivy league shirts, so they think that subconsciously im demostrating like superiority or something. But is there any such rule? And according to these supposed rules, its ok to wear a yale sweatshirt if a brother or sister goes there, but not if you want to go there. Anyone care to comment?</p>

<p>I wore shirts from colleges last year, until my principal yelled at some kids and I (not mentioning our names, but everyone knew who he was talking about) for being "elitist snobs." So whatever college i get into (dear god let it be Yale)....i will wear their shirt ALL the time. </p>

<p>But now, being a senior and all, I dont wear the shirts because I'll feel embarassed if/WHEN i get rejected. But if you have a sibling there, i think its more acceptable. Just my 2cents</p>

<p>not unless you wear it............. everyday :&lt;/p>

<p>Interesting question, Jarahul, it's definitely something I've wondered about myself.</p>

<p>NO, I do not think that it is acceptable.
YES, it is something that I do.</p>

<p>They're clothes; I'm happy to wear them. Screw anyone who has a problem with me wearing an Ivy league school shirt even if I don't go there.</p>

<p>exactly right! so what if people think you are being "subconsciously demonstrating superiority"?! id say, "its not so subconscious is it?"
well, okay, i wouldnt be that mean, but id like to think i would.
its no rule. wear whatever sweatshirt you want. if its cold and you want to wear warm clothing, why not wear clothing that shows off your goals?</p>

<p>hahaha yeah, im glad i put this post. I dunno, i sort of understand why people would oppose it, cuz it makes them think that I think im better than them. On the other hand, why would they think this in the first place? Insecurity? I dunno, lol, its a funny situation. But I agree that it may not be a good idea to wear my Yale shirt unless i get accepted, which is precisely what i have done. Penn, Dartmouth, Princeton, Harvard, Columbia, pfft. Worn em all. But im savin one up!</p>

<p>If you don't get accepted, I'll take your Yale sweatshirt.</p>

<p>i dont even own one yet cause if i get rejected i would just cry every time i saw it, and i could never wear it again. My mommy said it will be a present when i get accepted, probably for Christmas. yay Yale</p>

<p>People at my school wear college T-shirts starting in middle school, and I bet the average kid at my school has about 10 college T-shirts, including schools he/she will never go to. So down in this neck of the woods there are no such "rules".</p>

<p>I wore my favorite Yale t-shirt everytime I took a Collegeboard test :)</p>

<p>An elitist question--what's the best place to buy ivy sweatshirts online?</p>

<p><a href="http://ivysport.com/%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://ivysport.com/&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>they seem to be the same price everywhere hehe.. unless ebay used or something. I want one but only one shirt of a college. what am I gonna do with like 10? over here everyone wears like usc/uci . if I wore an ivy they probably wouldnt recognize it unless it was hyp.. then they'd think I was an elitist [rolls eyes] but anyways I do want one I guess.. but I can do without one for the time being. I'm pennypinching right now for all the other stuff in my life.. so maybe come xmas I'll get one.</p>

<p>I wear college t-shirts/sweatshirts all the time, ivy and non ivy league. I currently own: michigan, illinois, stanford, ucla, penn, dartmouth, and yale shirts/sweatshirts. They're just clothes, sheesh.</p>

<p>I have:</p>

Arizona State
Harvard (polo)</p>

<p>I wear:
Arizona State

<p>I usually only wear the ones that look good with whatever else I'm wearing. Arizona state is yellow and screams sunshine. USC is red and gold -- Gryffindor! Mich is grey and I wear it all the time. I wore the Yale one once, and I like the blue/white letters, but have not been wearing it lately. I haven't worn the harvard one in years.</p>

<p>I think some are more acceptable than others, especially if the college you're wearing is big on sports. I think for me it's a superstition thing more than anything else, though some people tell me I look like a jerk if I wear the Harvard one. I don't have anything/wear anything for my ED school, and don't plan to until/if accepted. ASU, Mich ,USC -- I don't fret over getting into, and are major sports powershouses, so no guilt.</p>

<p>Oh and I really want a Brown shirt, brown background with white writing. It's more of a joke than anything. (My skin is brown.... the shirt says brown and is brown = funny in the UPS what can brown do for you kind of way)</p>

<p>Who gives? Just wear what you want, it was probably made from the same bloodied fingers of a 5-year-old.</p>

<p>haha dude chill. its funny thats all. i guess other ppl can relate to my friends saying "argh dont wear that, youre not even in the school, blah blah"</p>

<p>i wear johns hopkins and yale.
i mean, can't you wear a college's sweatshirt if you went to a summer program there?</p>