Webster Freshman MT Major

<p>My daughter is a freshman MT at Webster, who has only been at school for a little over two weeks now, so i don’t have lots of info to offer other parents, but i can say that she was SO relieved to not have to be prepared to audition on the first day of classes this year! The whole transition to college was really enough, and she is an easy going, conscientious, hard working, talented, motivated kid…those freshman who must audition will do it just fine, but it was a relief, rather than a burden for her this year.</p>

<p>She is loving it so far…i will say the schedule is a bit grueling. First class is at 8:30 am every day and the “conservatory block” ends at 6pm. She has an hour for lunch in the mix, but that’s it. She could have one additional free hour, but elected to over-subscribe to take an additional dance class. So with Jazz, Ballet, Piano, Music Theory, Private voice, Freshman Seminar, and the conservatory block which consists of 5-ish classes that rotate throughout the week in a block period from 1-6, she is extraordinarily booked. She added an additional dance class on her own, which she loves, but made her even busier. The students received their crew assignments this last week, which will then give her commitments from 7-11pm frequently as well…until her show is put to bed (right before Thanksgiving).</p>

<p>She is crazy about the faculty and the students, who come from all over the country…there are 20 performance majors…10 BFA MT’s (3 girls and 7 boys) and 10 BFA MT’s (7 girls and 3 boys)…and 3 directing majors. All of the freshman live in the same dorm and were hanging out together from the first day of orientation…there have been several off campus excursions planned by the kids and the upper class men seem eager to include them in activities. </p>

<p>She cannot say enough about the faculty. From hearing her talk, they couldn’t be more warm, encouraging, professional and eager for the students success. I must say i found them all impressive at the orientation as well.</p>

<p>The only thing she isn’t crazy about is the food! It does look fairly dismal, even for college food…but she is getting by fine.</p>

<p>Hopefully i will have more to offer those looking as time goes on!</p>

<p>Thank you for a peek into a freshman MT's day! Wow, talk about busy. Looking forward to more posts. :0)</p>

<p>Which is it for the Actors? You put the incoming #'s for MT's down twice. Just wondering what they ended up with for MT's. My D was accepted but chose something closer to home. So glad your D is happy. My D's schedule is just as grueling and I am also happy there were no auditions for Freshman either! Best of luck to her!</p>

<p>Hi Lulu63......</p>

<p>Sorry bout that! There are 3 BFA MT girls and 7 boys and 7 BFA Acting girls and 3 boys....along with the 3 directing majors, it is exactly the number they said they would have in the end, when we met with the faculty in April.</p>

<p>Glad your daughter is doing well too. All i can say is, that with that kind of schedule its a darn good thing that they are 18 years old with lots of energy!!!</p>

<p>Yes, I know!! I am tired some days thinking about all her work! I loved Lara Teeter when we met him. Webster just wasn't a big enough school for her and it was kind of far from home. I think they end up where the fit is best hopefully! Good luck to your D!!</p>

<p>Wow! Is it correct that there are only 3 girls in freshman class? That's a very small number for the 1000 or so kids who auditioned. It seems based purely on recollection that many more were accepted. Perhaps only 3 decided to attend. We know 2 people at this school, one is happy one is dropping out. My D did not want to audition. Still, I'm having a hard time understanding this audition season frenzy when they take just 3 people. It's nuts!</p>

<p>HI Flossy...</p>

<p>There are only 3 girls in the MT class....there are a total of 10, including the BFA Acting girls. We do know 2 girls who were accepted to Webster for MT (i think both were MT anyway) who opted to go elsewhere..........i don't have any real idea how they select the class or how many they accept for a yield of 23 (20 performance and 3 directing), the only thing i do know is that I was told directly that they do not employ a wait list. They accept and then wait for responses, and it almost always works out that they have a class of 23.</p>

<p>They accept about 45 with NO waitlist and usually around 20 end up attending.</p>