Weekend life at Wofford College?

My son is leaning heavily towards Wofford for September 2016. Can anyone tell me what weekends are like on Wofford’s campus? He’s a self-described nerd and jock. His ideal weekend would be hanging out with friends, playing pick-up soccer, and I hope, getting some work done:)) The idea of big parties doesn’t interest him at the moment; in fact, big parties make him uncomfortable because he’s not a drinker. (Yay! says his mom.) I’m worried that the campus empties out at weekends because many students come from South Carolina. We live six hours away so he won’t be able to come home often. Thank you!

I’m responding to my own thread because I’m not sure how to edit my post. This is what a sophomore at Wofford said about weekends there: “Nobody goes home on the weekends… Unless it’s like a 3 day weekend or something… not a suitcase school.”