Weird Transfer Options

<p>I am currently a sophomore and got accepted into UNC as a transfer for the upcoming fall semester. UNC has always been a dream of mine, I just didn't get in my senior year of hs. </p>

<p>Another dream of mine has always been to play basketball at the collegiate level. I joined rowing my freshman year of college, even though I wanted to walk on to the basketball team. Surprisingly, I was pretty good at rowing, and was given a full scholarship for my sophomore year. I was going to transfer after my freshman year and go to UW-Madison because it was in-state tuition, but with this scholarship I decided to stay and continue rowing for another year. Long story short, I realized that rowing did not make me happy at all, and before I got accepted into UNC I had turned down my scholarship for the following year and told my coach I will not be rowing. I informed him that I wanted to try and pursue my dream of playing basketball and the only way that I will get that opportunity is if I am not affiliated with rowing anymore.</p>

<p>Now, I am playing pickup games with the girls, and it is a dream come true, although, I do know how much work I have ahead of me and how hard it is going to be to try and be involved with this program. I thought everything is perfect, I am living the dream and being given the opportunity to try out for a D-I basketball team. But, I just keep thinking, what would it be like if I went to UNC? </p>

<p>I need to decide fairly soon, I accepted the admission to UNC, as a backup plan, and still have not turned them down. Even though all my family, and the coaches for that matter, believe I am staying here to try out for basketball, they don't know my second thoughts.</p>

<p>What should I do? What dream would be better to go after?</p>

<p>Academics always override athletics for me.</p>

<p>You have a tough decision, and I can understand what you are going through. I'm in a position where I don't know whether to stay at my current school or go to the school I got admitted to as a transfer (where I wanted to go as a freshman as well, but they didn't offer enough money). I've grown to love my current school and I have great leadership opportunities there (similar to your athletic opportunities), but it has been my dream, since the time I was accepted by them last year, to attend the school I was admitted as a transfer. Luckily, they are both excellent top 20 schools, so I know I can't go wrong either way.</p>

<p>I think in your case, you can't go wrong either way either. Putting rankings, family pressure, athletics, and friends aside, where will you be most happiest? In my case, I'm still trying to figure out this answer. However, you may know the answer to this already.</p>

<p>I can't give you more advice than that, especially since I can't figure out where to go next year either. You need to make this decision yourself and I would advise straying away from what other people will say. Do what you feel is most right and what will make you the happiest. Best of luck!</p>