Weirdest assignment you ever did...

<p>Mine is that this year I have a leadership seminar, for which I need to give a presentation on a leader analyzing him/her according to John Maxwell's Laws... and I'm doing Voldemort :) .

<p>Drawing a map to my house so the teacher could make a house call and talk to our parents if he had a problem with our grades.
Apparently he actually does drive to students’ houses like that. I found it creepy, but no one else objected.</p>

<p>Okay, that’s really weird…
It’s kind of like Matilda, but Matilda is so twisted on so many different levels that in comparison to other things it’s no big deal.</p>

<p>I had to give a presentation and analyze every part of MGMT’s song Kids. It’s so abstract I picked it because I figured it probably had some deep meaning behind it. Then I found an interview from the band that said they wrote the lyrics while tripping on acid… So I made up some crazy detailed theory about how it was about child abuse and I got an A+! Then my teacher was like “I think you came up with a way better explanation to that song than the band could have ever thought of themselves…”</p>

<p>Not necessarily an assignment, but earlier this year, my IB History teacher put together an extra credit review activity that involved ninja costumes, completing Beatles song lyrics, and an hour-long jenga game. At the end of the activity, we collected several prizes that included Sour Patch candy, a free coffee from Starbucks, and an umbrella-hat.</p>

<p>^I’m so jealous that I have no words.
We once has to dress up like different Native American tribes and bring in authentic food. (Basically everyone made something inedible, and we all ate tortilla chips instead.)</p>


<p>In 7th grade for Pre-AP History, we were learning about WWI and trench fighting and out teacher turned all the desk and chairs over and we had paper ball “grenades” and then “no man’s land” in between the sections of desks and we fought. </p>

<p>Then earlier this year before Christmas break in AP World my teacher made us pick a famous leader of a empire (I was Elizabeth I) and dress up and bring a food item in and we had a “feast”.</p>

<p>My teacher has this hammock and he lets one kid each day sit in the hammock for the entire class. He also has a teapot and tea that he lets us drink whenever we want.
We watched a lot of Hey Arnold in that class because we usually had nothing better to do.</p>

<p>One time I had to write a paper from the perspective of a tree.</p>

<p>I wrote a poem from the perspective of a shoe.</p>

<p>We had to read the Giver in tenth grade, despite the fact that my teacher knew we had all read it the year before that . Then we had to do a project where we created the community… in 3D with candy… then eat it in class.</p>

That’s pretty random.</p>

<p>In my AP Human Geography class, we watched Willy Wonka/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and then had to analyze the settings and culture of the movie. It was pretty weird. And pretty much b.s.</p>

<p>Imho, “human geography” sounds like something out of a bad pickup line.</p>

<p>Hahaha. “Do you have a map I can borrow? Because I’d really like to get to know your human geography ;)” Oh my.</p>

<p>halcyonheather: O.M.G. I’m picturing that and wishing I wasn’t.
Just remembered another weird one, inspired by a couple above there- in seventh grade, we had to write an essay from the perspective of a musical instrument. Really random. At least half the class flunked.
I wrote about King David’s harp. VERY random. But I got an A for creativity, which was nice :slight_smile: .
This is a relatively normal activity that ended up becoming VERY weird. It didn’t happen to me, but rather to someone I know. Her class was reading Jane Eyre, and her teacher seemed to like to act things out. SO she decided to act out Jane’s various proposals. First, she picked a guy to be Rochester and a girl to be Jane.
What the class knew, but the teacher didn’t, was that “Rochester” had this enormous crush on “Jane” and he was PURPLE with embarrassment, the girl was giggling like a maniac and the class was howling with laughter. The poor teacher, of course, was just standing there in the corner, wondering what the HECK was going on.</p>

<p>Awww that’s cute :stuck_out_tongue: When we did Romeo and Juliet, the teacher made either two boys or two girls play the read the parts of R & J. It made it less awkward in class lolol :D</p>

<p>It was middle school, but we had to do perform/ film a musical about King Tut</p>

<p>My school forces teachers to do group projects, so last year in my precalc with calc class we had to design a new logo for McDonald’s and be able to write the actual equation for the new logo. The prize for the best project? A McDonald’s gift card. Not really that weird, just kind of pointless.</p>

<p>r = 4 cos(64θ)
Your brain on McDonald’s.</p>