Weirdest dream(S) you've ever had?

<p>one time I had a dream were I was having sex with Britney spears, but she was covered in art and jewels and kind of looked like mystique.</p>

<p>Another dream I had when I was little was when I was naked and riding a unicorn motorcycle.
I couldn't get off it because it gave me this really good sensation...</p>

<p>What about you?</p>

<p>Three guys my age were at my house doing ballet in tu-tu's and tights lol. </p>

<p>Another one was when there was a secret bathroom in my backyard and I broke my neighbors game cube in it.</p>

<p>I was just thinking about the one I just woke up from...</p>

<p>I was taking an SAT test in a room where the critical reading passage was about the song "Santeria" by Sublime, and there were a lot of imagery questions...</p>

<p>Then I left the test in the middle to go turn in work at my actual high school, and came back to the room. Everyone was playing heads-up-seven up and the proctor told me to work on it while they were playing...</p>



<p>One of my friends claims that he's dreamed of having sex with people several times. I wonder what's going through his head all day ... XD.</p>

<p>Um, the dream where the atmosphere was red and disappearing and I could see the starry black nighttime sky. I was driving with my family in a car to escape the disappearing atmosphere and then I saw the Earth in the sky and I was like oh ****.</p>

<p>Also, the time when I destroyed Chicago and San Francisco with nukes. Bye bye Cal and UChicago. ^_^</p>

<p>I had a dream that I had to do competitive dancing in my kitchen for a grade, but a lot of people were there and I kept making nachos, and I turned in some blank piece of paper with my name and one scribbled out answer for my final and it brought my grade down 21 points; it was terrible. Run-on sentence.</p>

<p>hot sex with halle berry, them she shot me in the face with a double barrel shotgun, some-f*<em>**n-how, i woke up and ended up fighting two siberian tigers... WHAT THE F</em>*K. the dream the night after was better though, way better ;) lol i need help</p>

<p>I once had a dream that I was the leader of a slave revolt, which was taking place in the middle of the woods. There was a weird blurred sequence that involved painting in blood or red paint, and then when I realized we were losing I ran out of the forest to get help. No one would believe me that anything was happening. When I finally convinced someone to come (because I was so hysterical), it turned out that the whole thing had been a movie that I'd thought was real.</p>

<p>I once had a dream where I was a member of British Parliament several hundred years ago (period-appropriate clothing and all), and I saved someone from drowning in the harbor. I also once reenacted all of War of the Worlds in a white room.</p>

<p>Peter Griffin- " When you poop in your dreams, you poop for real!"</p>

<p>The only dreams I have are really really strange. </p>

<p>When I was little, I dreamt I was running around in a haunted mansion with the Crocodile Hunter and his wife/assistant/whatever she was. We were walking on the second floor, there were those creepy pictures whose eyes followed you, and then suddenly we were outside behind some bushes. He made me be quiet and watch the front door. It slowly began to open, there was a bright light...and there was the Jack in the Box guy. Seriously.</p>

<p>Another time I dreamt that everyone in my extended family and I were on a chess board. Suddenly it started to tilt and we all started sliding off...I woke up and I was falling out of bed. </p>

<p>I had another dream where I was being chased around my school by flies with 2 huge traffic lights for eyes, one red, one yellow. </p>

<p>Then just a few days ago I dreamt that I was in elementary school again, and Adele (the singer) was one of my classmates, but she was like 12. Then we all started singing "Rolling in the Deep" but somehow it was like the music video for it--of course, telling about a love story between two 12-yr-olds. I remember thinking how weird it was that she could be so young and sing about such a mature/complex topic. </p>


<p>My mom turned into a giant grasshopper and took over a large city as if she was godzilla.
That was my dream when I was little.</p>

<p>A week ago I had a really short dream of me driving. When I turned left, the steering wheel spun right off and flew out the window. The sky was red and eerie ...</p>

<p>A few days ago I dreamt I was smoking pot. It was so weird and I can't really describe what I further did in that dream.</p>

<p>They're not the strangest dreams I've had, but ones that I could remember. Usually I forget details of my dream.</p>

<p>i was taking a stroll when a black lady suddenly popped out from behind the bushes. She told me to shut the f*** up. Then we somehow ended up in a jungle and a hippo was chasing me. A coconut dropped on my head and then the lady told me to sit next to her under a palm tree and asked me if I wanted some fried chicken. I said no I'm fine. Then she took out a knife and that's when I woke up...</p>

<p>making out with some random girl at my school that i last talked to / thought about at least two years ago O__O</p>

<p>running up a water slide that had milk instead of water and a bunch of those turn-y things that they have at security to let people through</p>

<p>meeting a bunch of friends at a stadium and planned to take a trip up everst, then i appeared on top of a mountain with two girls and had fun with both of them</p>

<p>I was sitting in a classroom with some friends from elementary school, and this one kid that I hated was being loud and obnoxious, characterlistically. Then, literally out of nowhere a commercial plane crashes through the roof of the classroom and somehow only kills him. </p>

<p>And once, there was this dream where everyone had thought I died. Then after all my family members gathered together on a street a block away from my house (idk why), a limo pulled up and i jumped out of the car saying, "mom, i'm alive!" and my mother just stared at me and responded, "oh." But the weird thing was, I was wathcing this from another person's perspective. Odd.</p>

<p>Oh and there was one night when I had like 7 dreams 10 seconds long, and after the last one was over, a butler appeared before me, pointed a remote at me, and said in a british accent, "sir, your dreams are over." Yeah.</p>

<p> strange.</p>

<p>I had another dream where I was investigating my spanish 1+2 teacher's mansion</p>

<p>She had a bunch of lesbians serving her everything.
And she had two rooms designated for large families, where they could eat and socialize.
And in both of the rooms there were two large families eating soul food</p>

<p>I had a dream that I had the powers of Goku from Dragon Ball Z.</p>

<p>another dream i was goin around beating the living s<strong>t out of all the kids in my gym class (except the girls) ane when i came to this one midget african kid that p</strong><em>es me off, he CLOBBERED, THE S</em>*T out of my balls, suprisingly i trnasported after that happened and my friend did the same to me. :(</p>

<p>then i had a dream i was a chick, a lesbian chick, in a locker room with other chicks, well, things got hot, and yea i cant say anything else... (wink wink) lmao</p>

<p>A couple years back when i was in love with the Jonas brothers I had a dream I went to camp rock and i started dating joe Jonas. And then he discovered some papers in a box from a closet in my house that didn't like demi Lovato. and then he broke up with me. and then we kissed and got back together. </p>

<p>Idk where this came from.</p>