Welch Summer Scholars Programs (WSSP) 2021

Hello everyone.
I applied to the WSSP program, however, it does not say what date admission decisions are to be released. It was around end of March previous years… Has anyone been notified yet? Thank you.

@zhss025 Have not received any notification till now.

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I’m wondering that too! Any updates?

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No updates yet

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No not yet…

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has anyone been notified or roughly know when updates will be sent?

No idea, but I think all such summer programs do notify latest by May 1.

okay, i was just wondering because previous years came out like end of march.

Yes, you are correct. But, I think the deadline to apply was before Feb 15 in prev years.

does anyone know if welch notifies all applicants or only those accepted

No idea, but I got an acceptance email today. The program is virtual, with talks about various research projects going on.

Congrats! Anyone else notified today?

did you get any updates

Accepted! They changed the format of the program so that it’s a lecture series.

Just checked the email, was lowkey scared to do it before. I got accepted! so is there not going to be any research? just lectures?

Accepted as well.
So its lectures… Do you think they took more people this year since its virtual?

no idea, but its likely. Not like going from say 50 to like 200 but they most likely accepted a little bit more than usual.

To accept, would I just reply to the email saying I accept or is there something else I would have to do?

just reply to the email. They’ll let you know that they have read it

Hi. I was wondering if the webinar series for the Welch Summer Scholar Program 2021 is available to anyone (even if they were not accepted) because it looks that way on their website…