Welcome new Exeter parents: long time parent happy to answer questions

There seems to be a fair number of new Exeter families this year. Many times I answer questions via PM, but thought it might be nice to have a place to ask questions and share with a wider group. I am sure you will have many questions over the next few months. I am happy to answer whatever questions I can.
Some popular topics I have gotten questions on over the years include:
Dorms, what to pack for dorm and personal, bank accounts and budgets, transportation & travel, class selection, sports, EC’s, health center, advisors, languages, attire, weekend life etc…

Thanks for offering to answer questions! I have 2 daughters starting at Exeter in the fall and we are wondering about the dress code. The official dress code says “no athletic wear”. We visited the school a couple of weeks ago and noticed that kids wore Exeter sweatshirts etc. in class. Can we assume that Exeter gear purchased at the bookstore can be worn in class? Or is this restricted to certain days?

There are no days that kids are allowed to wear athletic gear to class. What you might find is that kids throw on an Exeter sweatshirt over their school clothes if it is cold outside. Just like any highschool, teachers enforce dress code at varying levels. I would plan on kids wearing their Exeter gear in the dorms and on weekends.

Well I’ll throw some out there.

How do the boys generally dress? Polo and khakis? Occasional button down?

What does one NEED for the dorm? We are thinking bedding, hangers, plastic drawers for snacks, possibly one of those electric coolers, shower caddy, some posters. Are beds raised so that stuff can fit under them? Room for additional furniture? Are there shelves for their books?

Boys dress in all different styles. For class you will see kids in polo shirts, button ups and even Hawaiian shirts. Our son prefers solid button downs from American eagle for class. He also wears khakis or jeans most days with nikes to class.
Weekend attire is t-shirt, khakis or jeans and a hoodie. My son likes simple solid colors. Many kids wear athletic attire on the weekends and some look like brooks brothers ads. You really will see all styles.

For dorm, your list is solid. Beds are adjustable, so you can raise them quite high. Our kid preferred Rubbermaid tubs for snacks- they slid right under the bed and save room. Electric coolers aren’t really necessary. Each dorm has a fridge in the common room that you can store labeled items in. Most kids don’t keep refrigerated items. Disposable bottles are frowned upon on campus. So most kids carry reusable water bottles they fill up around campus. Depending on what dorm your son is in, they might have room for additional furniture. Our kids have taken those folding dorm chairs and even bought futons from graduating seniors over the years. I would wait to decide on some of those choices until you get to campus.
Every room at Exeter has a twin xl bed, desk with drawers, hutch - that can be used separate as a bookshelf or stacked on top of desk, desk chair, lamp and tall 5 drawer dresser. Many rooms have mirrors inside the closet. If you are using laundry service, I would go light on hangers as dress shirts come back on wire hangers that most kids never use traditional hangers after first week.
I suggest a box fan or desk fan- dorms are not air conditioned and can get warm. Also, you might need a rug, as not all dorms are carpeted. Again, probably need to wait until dorm assignment to decide on this.

I imagine SwimKid will live in sweats on the weekends as he does now. He has had a dress code since K and likes to be out of real pants whenever he has the chance!
Good to know about the bed height thing.
I imagine I will be running out shopping during move in. I live at a driveable distance, so I also imagine a few trips up with goods. And I live on amazon prime!
SwimKid is trying to decide about requesting a single. I’m nervous if he doesn’t have a roommate, he won’t wake up for class! Although I wouldn’t wish his level on cleanliness on my worst enemy these days!