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<p>I'm nervous, because it seems as if a lot of people have recieved their decision letters, however nothing came in the mail today or yesterday... (I live in southern maine)</p>

<p>Just curious, about how many students were put on the WL this year?</p>

<p>well i have question for admission officer here.... i am an international applicant and received my acceptance email few days ago.... i was really excited reading the first part of it because richmond is my first choice but i got no aid though i applied for it.....my parents earn less than $25000 a year and yet i am asked to fill out intenational supplement for $50000..... i don't think i will be able to attend my dream school until and unless i get some sort of aid....is there any use appealing for it or are all aid packages final? its really heartbreaking seeing all getting acceptances with aid packages and Uof R acceptance letters...so until intl students send their certificate of finances they are not going to get acceptance packets from the university?</p>

<p>so close yet so far!!!!!!</p>

<p>ANy idea when the students will be chosen/notified for this?</p>

<p>nofinancialaid, i am lucky that my parents have that funds for my studying at UR but still $52K a year is huge burden for most families. I did not receive fin aid either so I might not attend the school. It is a great school with very strong liberal arts philosophy.</p>

<p>Its the college where you can expect a <em>true</em> college experience ;)</p>


<p>I certainly understand your frustration and can empathize with your situation. We in the Admission Office have routinely requested additional resources to help fund our pool of highly talented international students. Unfortunately, we were not successful this year in obtaining additional financial resources. Therefore, our small pool of financial aid for international students must stretch pretty far. </p>

<p>In your acceptance email, you were instructed to send financial certification of your family’s ability to provide a little over $50,000 towards your education at Richmond. Official acceptance packets will go out to those students who are able to complete the financial certification forms. I am sorry that we have placed you and your family in this situation and am even more disheartened that because of your lack of funding, another college or university will benefit from your many talents. Every year there are a handful of students in your position who, once they have an offer of acceptance in hand, can secure financial aid from outside resources. </p>

<p>Financial aid for international students is an issue that our office will continue to work on. </p>

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