Wellesley Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

Applying to Wellesley in 2022? The deadline for Fall 2022 is January 8th. Last year, decisions were released on March 20th.

This is a space for the class of 2026 to connect with other applicants and share stats, news or admissions updates.

I have the deadline as January 8.

whoops - will change!

Does anyone have an updated regular decision release date?


Any RD hopefuls here? How are all of you parents and kids faring with the wait?

When is the release date?

No information about the release date on email or on the portal!

they came out on 3/20 (saturday) last year so I’m thinking maybe this saturday?

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i think the same!


the last 3 years it was released on 3/20, so I think this year it’ll be released on the same date

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Yeah my guess is saturday 3/19! Especially since they removed the withdraw button from our portals and it doesn’t say that they are reviewing my application still so they’re definitely out soon!

Decisions are being released Saturday 3/19 at 10 am per an email Wellesley just sent out! Good luck everyone!


Thank you!

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I got waitlisted. Any advice?

i got waitlisted too, anyone else?

yup I was waitlisted too

i got in!


Accepted w/ 46k a year!

-4.3 gpa
-Test optional
-All AP/IB since Sophomore year
-Varsity Cheer
-Varsity Field Hockey
-Four political internships (2 with Shelley Simonds of Newport News, 1 with the Democratic Party of VA, and 1 with NY-21)
-Class President three years
-Mayors Youth Commission
-Founder of my school’s YDSA chapter
-Model UN
-National Honor Society
-Math Honor Society
-Top 5% of graduating class

Personal Essay:
-Wrote about my experience being a student at the same school my mother is a teacher at

Wellesley Supplement:
-Wrote first paragraph about experience as a student of color in higher-learning programs and Wellesley’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Second paragraph was about Hilary Clinton and how I want to go to Wellesley because it is home to women just as ambitious and accomplished as her and that I will find my community there as a driven young woman.

I am extremely excited and have tears streaming down my face! Congratulations to everyone who was accepted, Bleed Blue!:blue_heart:


My DD got in RD to Wellesley! I am so thrilled for her.