Wellesley RD 2025 Applicants

Creating this thread so we can get to know each other!

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Hey! I’m an EDII applicant but I would love to chat about all things Wellesley with y’all! :slight_smile:

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Hi! I’m applying RD this year too!

Hi I’m also RDing! :smiley:

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me too!


Hi! I am applying EDII. I was wondering if the admissions office will send out an email with the decision release date? Good luck to everyone.

My D21 applied ED1 - they sent an email on Dec 9 late afternoon to say that decisions would be on the portal on Dec 12 at 10:00 am ET (and they were exactly on time that day). Good luck!!

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I’m a little late to this so no worries if there’s no response but what do you guys think “late March” means? Like March 31st? March 20? I applied to a few schools early action and got deferred and this wait between EA and RD is really stressing me out!

Right now, I doubt anyone knows, but ED2 was meant to come out late feb and came out this weekend instead, so maybe RD will come out earlier than late-March

In my guess, it means the last 10 days of March. At the same time, the early March means the first 10 days, and the middle March means 10th - 20th.

I was looking at the decision calander on r/A2C and it looks like it’s going to be the 20th (don’t know the source for it though)

does anyone know if wellesley sends likely letters?

In non-Covid years they have an Early Evaluation option which gives a liklihood in February but that was canceled this year, I believe.

Hey! Wellesley is probably my top choice, very nervous but also excited.

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My D’s top choice keeps changing, depending on how much we need to pay out of pocket. :sweat_smile:


hey guys!

Yes, it was cancelled this - just EDI, EDII, and regular to give them more time to really consider all aspects of the applications.

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I was told by admissions that an email will come out two days before decision day with the exact time when decisions are posted in the portal. Other than that, actual day has been kept mum. Good luck to you all (I’m a ‘93 alum)


uhhh tooo quiet here… lets have some nervous drum rolls … decisions will be coming soon right… ? sooo nervous… want to put our stats out here so we know how we did. Dont see many listed in the ED1 and 2.


anyone hear anything abt decisions yet?