Wellesley RD 2025 Applicants

March 20 at 10:00 EST is what I heard!

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wow so two weeks! so nervous!! i keep on wanting to check my portal :slight_smile:

This March will be the longest month in many people’s live, waiting for application outcomes.


good luck to everybody!! wishing for the best : )


Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all!

I’m a first year international applicant from Johannesburg, South Africa. I can’t wait for our decisions and I think we have one more week left to wait?

I’d really love to accepted to Wellesley.

I was wondering have any of you reached out to any professors to ask some questions about certain classes or anything like that? Just out of curiosity?

Keep well :slightly_smiling_face:

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It is too early to reach out to professors before an admission is received, in my opinion.

Too early or too late? Aren’t such questions appropriate for seeking to understand what to anticipate or something? Mhm.

I did contact professors 22 years ago when I applied for graduate schools. For undergraduate, before you are admitted, contacting professors is kind of annoying unless you already have built a good relationship.

So considering you are done with college and all. Are you a parent here…of some student?

My D is applying for colleges now.

In CC, there are many parents as well as many applicants. As parents, we are trying to contribute our best opinions.


really wanna go to Wellesleyyyyyyy!!!1


I apologise for the misunderstanding and thank you for clarifying. I honestly thought you were ■■■■■, my bad. Good luck to your daughter, all the best! :slightly_smiling_face:


It is my pleasure if my opinion can help anyone.

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I agree- unless you know the professor or are very interested in their research and can discuss / ask questions in at least a semi-developed manner, professors in colleges / universities would not have the time to respond to all the applicants who reach out to them. They usually have no say in admissions as well.

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Me tooooooooo!!!

so are decisions coming out this Saturday??

From now on to the end of April will be busy receiving application results.

yes at 10am est

Which part if joburg are you ? I’m from Cape Town

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Hi Charlotte, nice to meet you. From the East Rand, in Katlehong. Where in Cape Town are you from? I’m so glad to see a fellow South African :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::eyes::eyes::eyes: