Wellesley Transfer- Fall 2021

idk why, but have not got any email from Wellesley.

Anyone who had alumni interview, how was your interview? I had one back in early March, and I am not too confident how I did. I am a Korean, so they matched me a Korean Alumn

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i thought my interview went great! if i get in, i honestly think it will be because of my interview

hey! i just checked my portal and the section at the top that usually says “your application is complete and will be reviewed” has disappeared. i’m not sure if this means anything, but i’m hoping it means that decisions are on their way!


I believe so! cuz I looked at past transfer thread and they all said that it happened before the school released the decision!


I see some changes too! Anyone else missing the withdrawal button as well?


I don’t have withdrawal button as well! Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


so are we thinking decisions will come out today?

they gave out a notice ahead of time last yr with a specific date and time so maybe not? i wish it’d be today tho so i can just know :sob:

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i thought my interview was fine. i’m also korean but i didn’t get matched with a korean alumna!

how far in advance did they send a notification email?

i just checked the thread again and it looks like it was 3 days in advance? someone posted abt the portal updating w the message on 5/1 and then decisions were released on 5/4 at 6pm est

which is weird cuz they usually notify->erase withdrawal button and statements below “your application is complete and will be reviewed”-> notify by evening of the announced day(commonly in between May 2-4)

Hahaha they are giving out the result really late for this year, and I have been going in and out of portal almost once in five minutes :slight_smile: So nervous!

Hi Transfers! Good luck with decisions! I transferred to Wellesley last fall and it’s been an amazing experience! If you want to know more about what it’s like to be a transfer at Wellesley, or if you want to connect with other transfers, check out @wellesleycollegetransfers on Instagram! We can’t wait to meet you!


I just got an email notification to check my portal. I was waitlisted, and the letter said this:

“Each year we must consider the admission of fall transfer applicants in context of the number of entering first-year students. Given an unusually robust response from first-year applicants this year, it is not currently clear if we will have additional space for entering transfer students this fall.”

Did anyone get accepted?


That means they haven’t accepted anyone because of space lol, last spring they did the same. Sometimes they accept transfers for the spring semester and due to lack of spots, they could not

Accepted! Thanks for all the information you shared in this thread!

I got waitlisted.

Waitlisted. I wonder if they took any international students.:slightly_frowning_face:

were you traditional transfer or Davis Scholar?