Wellesley Transfer- Fall 2021

Hi all! I haven’t seen a transfer thread for this admissions cycle, so I thought I’d start one:)

Hey! I applied to Wellesley for Fall 2021 too :^)


Hello! Has anyone received an email asking you to check the applicant portal? I just checked my portal, and all my materials are received…

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got the same thing! it freaked me out

yep also got the email even though my checklist has been completed for a while now LOL idk why colleges do that i always think it’s an actual update but it’s just a reminder to check that your materials have been received :,)

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Yep same thing. I thought they were giving me an interview but my hopes died when the portal was unchanged lol.

you have to request an interview if you want one!

I did! All the way back in January but they haven’t given me one. A friend who transferred said that they’ll give you one if they need to clarify or know more but towards the end of the application season solo let’s hope

oh wow- I had no idea! I requested my interview before I’d even begun the application and had it completed before submitting. maybe you should shoot them an email about it? they probably just missed your request!

does anyone have any speculation as to when decisions will come out?

probably first week of may? i think last year it was like may 2 or 3! super nervous - wellesley is my top choice by far T___T

It’s mine too!! And it’s so nerve wracking because I have no idea what they’re looking for or if certain parts of my application will hurt me. Best of luck!

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same here and you too!! we got this <3 :partying_face:

Any Davis Scholar applicants here?

Meee! I am so nervous

Any updates on the application process?

nope. iirc, decisions in past years came out may 1st/2nd/3rd so hopefully we’ll hear something (good!) soon!

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So nervous! Do they just release them or do they send us an email letting us know when decisions will be out?

i would think they’d send out an email letting us know ahead of time but who knows🤷🏼‍♀️

I feel like we won’t get decisions today since they haven’t sent us an email letting us know when. It looks like in years past they send out an email a few days before decisions will be out letting applicants know the date/time