Wellesley Transfer- Fall 2021

rejected ;__; wellesley was the last private i was holding out hope for so it looks like i’m headed to berkeley! congrats to all of you who got in and wishing everyone the best no matter the outcome <3 :partying_face:

i was rejected. i wasn’t going to pick wellesley over georgetown, so oh well i guess🤷🏼‍♀️ still sucks:/

congatulations to you!! would you be able to share your stats?

Sure. International, Davis Degree Program, Psychology

Actually, according to my sister (Wellesley Alumna), my case was worse with Davis Degree Program as I do not have particular story to represent but just satisfy the age qualification. So I was not expecting that much and was blaming on my late age (turning 24 this month).

Attended 4 year college (2017-2018, 3.8 GPA, Deans listed, BS Degree)
Attended CC in Boston (2019-2021, 4.0 GPA, Honors)

  • Teacher Assistant for the Department chairperson professor
  • Attended several conferences (including a professional one)
  • Presented research paper and poster at President’s Chat (in front of all faculty)

-2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics (Olympic Broadcasting System Intern, Commentary system operator)
-Songdo Global Startup Internship (Funded by Incheon City, so a pretty good experience)

TOEFL 111 (29,30,24,28)
Did not submit ACT/SAT but have old SAT score (2270)
Very Strong Recommendation Letters
Very Strong Personal Statement
Pretty good Alumna Interview
Having 1 Wellesley Alumna Sister

BC Waitlisted, Waiting for TUFTS and NEU, but Wellesley has always been my dream college.

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Amazing, I’m so happy for you!

did you ask for FA?

Are we sure they haven’t accepted anyone? I was rejected but I think that’s because I am international and asked for FA.

I got in for Fall 2021 as a Davis Scholar too! I haven’t committed yet - but it’s looking like Wellesley is the one!

gooooood! Can u send me a private mail if you finally decide?

I mean “haven’t accepted any Non-Davis applicants”

i don’t think so or at least it doesn’t look like it :-/ all the non-davis applicants i know have either been waitlisted or rejected but the language of the WL letter makes it sound like a soft rejection

i get the feeling that LACs in general aren’t very friendly towards non-CC, traditional transfer applicants which sucks


That really does suck :confused:


anyone else on the waitlist have a heart attack because of that email this morning?!?! Sooo carelessly worded, I’m shocked!

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i’m not on the waitlist, but i’m curious to hear what it said


I’m also pretty sure this letter was only supposed to go to freshman waitlist, not transfer or Davis. Which makes it extra frustrating.


Did other people get the email they sent out yesterday?