Were there any schools that surprised you?

<p>Now that we parents of the HS class of 2005 can pretty much catch our collective breath, were there any schools in your college visit circuits that surprised you? Sometimes we have pre-conceived notions of colleges and universities and, once on campus, are surprised that perception is not necessarily reality.</p>

<p>I'll be the first to admit that H, D, and I were quite impressed when we swung by Occidental's campus. The students with whom we talked (it was a Sunday) were <em>very</em> well-spoken, excited about Oxy, and represented a wide array of backgrounds. We enjoyed walking around the campus, visiting the library, and peeking in on a student activity in progress. From what we had read about Oxy, we knew that it was actively seeking out diversity in its students, but these kids seemed to be much more poised and mature than some of their counterparts on Ivy and higher tiered college campuses. It surprisingly became the safety our D could love.</p>

<p>Richmond makes a nice impression.</p>

<p>"It surprisingly became the safety our D could love" </p>

<p>Little Mother's diaghter must be quite impressive! Oxy has become very, very selective. It is indeed a wonderful school.</p>

<p>I was going to make the same point. Oxy is a "hot" school these days, and draws a lot of great kids because there are few LACs in California, and because it has actively sought diversity in its student body. So, not necessarily a safety, or at least not the only safety.</p>

<p>oldman, I ordered some college walking tour tapes for my junior s and so far I have watched a few of them [by s has watched 0] and Richmond looked like it had a really storybook looking campus. What's your impression of the student body? Do the kids get into Richmond much, and what does it offer?</p>

<p>student body is mostly northern.....fairly well off....nice kids...not diverse....seemed bright. A good # pre-professional or business. Not clear they utilize Richmond much from what we heard.</p>

<p>got the impression kid/faculty interaction a plus. pre-med seemed strong.</p>

<p>very pretty campus......surprisingly so. Not cheap...you pay for it.</p>

<p>I'll confess that D can be impressive but tends to hide her light under a bushel, but then, I'm her mother! ;-) Oxy's rep has grown considerably, and we figured that D had very good odds of getting in (strong stats, out of state, and a minority), but we'll never know because she'll be attending her ED school.</p>

<p>We had a few pleasant and unpleasant surprises when we toured a few years ago prior to my daughter's applications to college.</p>

<p>We were very impressed by Colby, both the staff and students we met and the outstanding new labs and dorms.</p>

<p>We were very unimpressed by BU, perhaps most by an admissions officer who, when she was meeting with a visiting group of prospects and their parents, described the important choices that students should make in their last years of high school. "If you have to choose between another science course and an art course," she said, "choose the harder course, the science course." Well this was not welcome advice, or even very good advice, to a group that contained several students who were considering BU precisely for their arts programming!</p>