Wesleyan Fall 2020 Transfer

Okay, there isn’t a thread yet for Wesleyan so I thought I’d make it. Good luck to everyone!

Major: Global Studies (Swapping to International Relations)
3.9 Coll GPA, incoming sophomore
3.64 HS GPA (Upward Trend)
31 ACT
School: Gallatin
Essays are pretty good I would think, definitely accurately articulate my overall quirks.

-Joined debate this semester, and after less than a month of joining made it to the quarterfinals of an invitational debate
-Intern for US Dept of State
-Participated in summer program of top DNC presidential candidate
-Officer of interact
-Founded charity club
-Worked for startup
-Filmmaking (invited to cannes film festival)
-Writing novels and poetry
-Ran a video game server with over 20k unique players
-Varsity cross country.
-Dean’s list
-English Student of the year (2019)
-Eagle Scout
-Algebra Student of the year (2016, not really paramount but included anyway)

I don’t think my stats are as good as yours, but-

College GPA: 3.6
Currently a sophomore but technically Junior standing (would be a senior this fall)
Majors: International Studies and Anthropology with a minor in History. If accepted I’d major in Archaeology and Art History
30 ACT.
3.9/4.8 High school GPA
I think my essay is fairly strong!

Extracurricular activities/awards:
Before college,

  • Art
  • Graduate of Governor’s School West NC in Social Science
  • Gave a speech during the 2016 election at an event that Mark Meadows attended
  • Intensive research project on climate change/acid rain in Appalachian Mountains
  • 12 years of Spanish classes
  • Started working jobs at 15
  • AP Scholar (8 AP classes)
  • Volunteer for AURA Home for Women Veterans
  • Varsity track
  • I took care of my autistic and disabled sister and a had relatively unstable home life so that impacted how much I could involve myself in extracurriculars.
    After high school,
  • Yoga (self-healing!)
  • Art
  • Worked 30 hr/week job my freshman year to support myself financially
  • Volunteer for Friends of Oberlin Village (historical Black community that is pretty severely affected by gentrification)
  • Production Assistant for a play at my uni
  • Volunteer at food pantry
  • Worked-again-a 30/hr week job over the summer to save up money to pay rent this year
  • Research assistant for my mentor at his archaeology lab containing finds from his archaeological fieldwork overseas. Involves studying Nabatean/Roman pottery (archaeology is my passion)
  • Accepted into archaeological digs at Petra, Jordan and then at Tel Dhiban, also in Jordan (cancelled b/c of COVID-19)
  • Dean’s list
  • I’ve been in 18 credit hours per semester for 2019/2020 school year

good luck!!

Good luck to you as well!

Anyone hear back or have any idea of when decisions will be released?

The website says mid-April (but that’s probably delayed because of the pandemic).

Historically, it seems as though results come out in the first week of March

I believe decisions will be released tomorrow (4/29) could be wrong though! Good luck to everyone!!!

I think you mean the first week of May, not March.

When I tried to submit supplemental materials a couple weeks ago, I was told that they would be making decisions within the next 2-3 weeks, which implies between this week and next week possibly.

They just came out. I got waitlisted. Unfortunately, it looks like they just accepted 50 students this year, which is a huge downgrade from the 134 they took last year. Wesleyan is also need-aware, so that’s another kicker. This COVID-19 pandemic is really hurting the bottom line of schools, isn’t it?.

I also got waitlisted and applied from financial aid, unfortunately.

Yeah, I also have 0 EFC, which couldn’t have helped my chances. Oh well. That’s why I applied to 20 schools.

That <10% admit rate stings, hopefully other LACs don’t follow this trend…

I got waitlisted at Amherst and Williams as well, but those two have had sub 5 percent admit rates for some years now. As for the others; well, only time will tell.

Did they send out an email? I haven’t received an email or been able to access the Wes portal

Also waitlisted and staying on!!

Yeah my only sub <10% school I applied to was brown, Amherst and Williams didn’t seem worth it tbh.

I might as well, waiting to hear from a few.

accepted! got about $0 in financial aid though alas

I got waitlisted and applied for financial aid…maybe we are seeing a trend? Family EFC was very low and applied from CC

Daughter was accepted. @vaadaa where did you see your financial aid award? She applied but didn’t see any reference to it in the letter…may be a bad sign.

@4togo4 it’s sort of included in the admissions letter. if you continue scrolling down on the page that displays the letter, all the way at the bottom there should be text that says:
“The following letters are available for this account:
Admission Decision Letter - April 29, 2020 (displayed)
Financial Aid Letter - April 29, 2020” and then you should be able to click financial aid letter. Hope this helps!

@vaadaa thanks! she only received work study. that’s rough because she had significant grants at the college she is in now, although who knows if that will continue next year given the COVID situation, loss of work, etc.